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Archive for April, 2013

Lutron – Energy Saving Solutions

By Anny on April 9th, 2013

There are some many ways in which we can reduce energy consumption in our daily life-and we at Envirogadget always emphasize that small such steps can lead to bigger results for the whole of mankind. A systematic form of reduction would not only allows us to save a whole lot of energy but would also decrease the carbon footprint involved in generation of electricity. Lutron Electronics is a Pennsylvania based company that offers a host of energy saving solutions for your home and office..

Lutron- Energy Saving Solutions

One such product is the C.L Dimmer for CFL and LED bulbs. The dimmer set the right luminance of the bulb as per the requirement and save a lot of energy by dimming the bulb when needed.  It can be used in your bedroom, living room, kitchen as well as in the basement, and is set to keep the bulb on while being dimmed and also reduces excessive Flicker. It also keeps the lights on even in case of voltage fluctuations and ensures that they turn on at all light levels. The dimmer can also be used for normal incandescent and halogen bulbs. You can access the list of bulbs the CL Dimmer supports by accessing the below link. You can also use the store locator link at the top of the page to check out for retail stores selling the CL dimmer in USA and Canada.

Another useful product amongst their range is the Occupancy sensing switch which automatically turns on the lights when you enter the room and turns them off when the room is empty. This product is very useful in this jet-packed age where we often tend to forget turning off the lights while leaving the room. I am quite sure that such a situation is very common in most of households, and all the more when there are children around. Automatically shutting-off the light would ensure that there is no loss of power. Apart from this, the Occupancy sensing switch also comes with a light detection feature which turns on the light only the surroundings are dark beyond a certain level.This can save your energy bills and can also save energy. You can check more about this product and can know more about all their energy saving solutions by accessing their site.

Biolite Camp stove

By Anny on April 7th, 2013

BioLite camp stove is a camping accessory designed to cook food using twigs and small pieces of wood that you can easily gather when in outdoors. It also comes with an USB charger that generates power from the flame and can be used to power your phones and other appliances.  The stove uses a proprietary technology that converts heat into electricity which powers a built-in fan as well as supplies power via the USB cable. The fan is designed to keep the flame high and ensures that optimum heat s generated by burning the twigs.

Biolite Camp stove

The BioLite camp stove not only suits camping needs but can also be used in case of a natural emergency or a power outage.  It does away with other forms of camp cooking equipment that need other forms of fuels-thereby reducing the carbon footprint. The stove just weighs 935 grams and is compact with a height of 8.25 inches and width of 5 inches. It gives a peak power output of 5.5 KW while on high and 3.4 KW when set to a low flame. As an estimate, you would need about 46 grams of wood to boil a liter of water in just 4.5 minutes. The stove comes witha handy stuff stack, a gas lighter and a USB cord which can be used to power a lot of devices including smartphones. You just need to collect twigs, wood pellets etc- and use them as a fuel for your stove. The stove is made of stainless steel, aluminum and plastic and can support a container of 8 lbs or 1 gallon of a liquid.

The Biolite camp stove is a very useful source of cooking in outdoors. It can also work as an on-demand electricity source, particularly at night in absence of regular power sources. It priced at $129 and can be purchased from their website at the below link.

ATT is Moving Towards Being Eco-Friendly

By Anny on April 5th, 2013

One of USA’s most popular and leading mobile carrier ATT is moving towards being Eco-friendly by implementing a host of business practices that are geared towards a healthier and safer environment.

Let’s take a look at how they are doing it.

1) Moving towards paperless billing: Paper bills for a premier carrier such as ATT having millions of phone lines do consume large amounts of paper every month. An estimated 17.2 million customers opted to receive an electronic bill as opposed to a paper bill by the end of 2011. Thanks to unique marketing efforts and consumer education, this has reduced an enormous amount of paper consumption-which means lesser trees to be cut and more oxygen to the planet. ATT allows users to easily opt for an e-bill, with a facility to download up to 16 past statements online.

ATT is moving towards being Eco-Friendly

2) ATT plans to invest about $565 million to deploy vehicles running with alternate fuels by 2018. Towards the end of 2011 their fleet has about 3469 vehicles running on compressed natural gas which means less dependence on diesel and also lesser pollution.

3) Solar panels are being introduced in their offices to reduce dependence on conventional energy sources. In the year 2011 their total carbon offset was the equivalent of the carbon dioxide  generated by 430 cars annually.

4) A new accessory packaging sourced from 30% plant based materials such as ethanol from sugarcane has resulted in saving about 50 tons of paper and plastic in packaging.

5)  A major cell phone recycling program has collected about 3 million phones and 1.7 million pounds of batteries and accessories which would have otherwise ended up being burnt or in a landfill. This adds up to a staggering saving in terms of reduced carbon footprint and lesser pollution.

For more details on their sustainable practices, access the below link.

Ultra Suede An Alternative To Suede Leather

By Anny on April 3rd, 2013

Suede leather is a popular choice for boots and shoes and no wardrobe would quite be complete without them. This soft leather is derived from the under skins of animals such as goat, lambs etc,  and does involve skinning animals for their hide. Also leather is processed using a number of chemicals which are often a major cause of soil and water pollution as the effluents are often released into the environment without being treated completely. As the manufacturing of accessories from leather involves many different stages-it’s often difficult to ensure  that a product has been made with a lesser degree of pollution in its manufacturing cycle. Here-we present a perfect alternative to suede leather in the form of synthetic suede which is made from 100% recycled polyester fibers in a unique process which involves lesser energy consumption as well as lesser carbon DI-oxide emissions.

Ultra Suede An Alternative To Suede Leather

The Robin Hide shoes also have a faux fur lining which make them virtuallyindistinguishable from normal suede shoes. They are made in china within an ethically-run factory and are a perfect alternative to conventional suede boots. You can choose between sizes 5 to  10  and its highly recommended to order one side above for a comfortable fit. The material is sourced from Toray in Japan ( is a leading manufacturer of Ultrasuede-which is synthetic suede consisting of woven micro-fibers derived from 100% polymers without the use of any animal products. Ultrasuede is soft to touch and is supple so that it can be easily woven into a fabric and used in apparels and clothing. The fabric is widely used in footwear as it endures wear and tear and stay looking new for a long period of time.

Ultra Suede An Alternative To Suede Leather

The Robin Hide boots cost $165.

You can purchase them from the below link.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

By Anny on April 1st, 2013

Here’s a feasible solution to all your charging needs. Be it a phone or any gadget which charges from an USB source, you can use the below portable device to charge them while on the move. The power panel uses solar energy to charge your devices and provides up to 2 watts of power which can be transmitted through a USB port. It’s quite useful when you are on the move, or outdoors as in while camping or trekking. The device does away with the necessity of a power source and can be used by just leaving it outdoors to face the sun.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

The device gives about 30% more energy when compared to other similar panels and is economicallypriced at $39.  The USB port is compatible with many devices and the package also includes adapters for Sony, Nokia and Samsung phones (Do check out the supporting phone models on the product page). It however cannot be used for charging an iPhone, iPad or an iPod.

The panel gives you a charge of up to 600mAh phone in 1.5 hours (Standard conditions) and consists of a durable ABS frame with dimensions of 6.9 in long, 3.9 in wide, 0.4 in thickness. It weighs just 84 grams and can be conveniently carried in your backpack. The device is recommended to be placed in direct sunlight and not behind a shade or a window.

The Sun Ray Pro Power Panel (P102) is a perfect accessory especially while you are traveling as it gives an easy and optimum charge within no time. You can purchase the Sun Ray Power Panel (P102) by accessing the below link.You can also check their range of solar lights, rechargeable batteries and other chargers.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)