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Articles tagged with ‘Solar Powered Gadgets’

FR360-An Eco-Friendly and Versatile Travel Gadget

By Anny on May 27th, 2013

We have seen solar powered outdoor gadgets which can serve multiple purposes such as cooking, charging your accessories and also for listening music. However, the FR360 is one gadget that can work both on solar power and can also be powered by a hand crank. In case you choose to, it can also be powered by 3 AAA batteries and also by an external adaptor. This unique gadget contains a built-in radio, access to the NOAA weather band, a powerful torch, a LED flasher and also an USB phone charger. This ensures that you always stay connected and with a handy flashlight and access to your local radio while you’re traveling. The feature to charge by a had crank is especially useful when your caught in a bad weather or in case of power outages.

FR360-An Eco-Friendly and Versatile Travel Gadget

The Radio is supports AM (520-1710 KHz)  and FM(87-108 MHz).It can play all the local weather band channels along with weather alerts. The torch is powered by 4 LED’s and also included is a flashing red LED light. A telescopic antenna helps you stay connected in all areas. You can charge your phones and other electronic accessories which arepowered by an USB source by using the USB power output given by the device. Also included is an alarm clock and headphone jack. The FR360 is your perfect travel accessory with a whole range of features that usually require multiple gadgets.

The device is recommended to be fully charged while you are on the move, and in case it doesn’t recharge due to lack of solar light-you can use the crank to generate the power. Its weighs 453 gms and has a dimension of 6.25“-6.5“-2.75“.

The gadget is a special edition Red Cross product and $0.49 to $1.00 from each sale would be contributed to the American Red Cross society. You can buy the FR360 from the below link, or can also purchase it from Amazon and Best Buy.


Voltaic Solar Backpack

By Anny on May 15th, 2013

Solar chargers are generally designed  to be placed in a fixed location, or need to be attached to a mount. This might not be suitable in cases where you are in the move, as in while trekking or camping. You might also not find it feasible to carry a solar gadget along with your regular gear. Here’s a solution for such situations-in the form of a solar paneled bag which can be used to store your gear and also to generate power from exposure to the sun.

Voltaic Solar Backpack

The solar panel is affixed to a rugged backpack which can be slung over your back. The bag is quite spacious and has a dimension of 1500 cubic inches. It can be used to carry and charge iPad’s, mobile phones, PDA’s, gaming devices, cameras and many more. The internal battery is made of Lithium Polymer and gives an output of 5.5 V&900Ma. It gets fully charged in 7 hours and can also be charged from an USB source or an AC power supply.

The panel is made of two 2 watt monocrystalline solar panels for an output of 4 W with 6-12 V.

The handy backpack weighs around 2000 gms (4.5 lbs) and has the dimensions of 18″ height,  16″width and  8″ in depth. The wire channels are placed all over the inside of the bag giving you a greater flexibility in charging your devices. A phone pouch attached to the shoulder strap can hold your phone while it’s being charged. The device also has an LED indicator indicating the solar charge. It’s made of recycled PET and is waterproof and UV resistant. You can choose from silver, charcoal and orange colors for the solar panel.

The Voltaic solar backpack comes with a warranty of 2 years. It’s priced at $289 and can be purchased from the below link. The gadget comes with a universal battery pack, 9 different USB tips including the micro and mini tips.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

By Anny on April 1st, 2013

Here’s a feasible solution to all your charging needs. Be it a phone or any gadget which charges from an USB source, you can use the below portable device to charge them while on the move. The power panel uses solar energy to charge your devices and provides up to 2 watts of power which can be transmitted through a USB port. It’s quite useful when you are on the move, or outdoors as in while camping or trekking. The device does away with the necessity of a power source and can be used by just leaving it outdoors to face the sun.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

The device gives about 30% more energy when compared to other similar panels and is economicallypriced at $39.  The USB port is compatible with many devices and the package also includes adapters for Sony, Nokia and Samsung phones (Do check out the supporting phone models on the product page). It however cannot be used for charging an iPhone, iPad or an iPod.

The panel gives you a charge of up to 600mAh phone in 1.5 hours (Standard conditions) and consists of a durable ABS frame with dimensions of 6.9 in long, 3.9 in wide, 0.4 in thickness. It weighs just 84 grams and can be conveniently carried in your backpack. The device is recommended to be placed in direct sunlight and not behind a shade or a window.

The Sun Ray Pro Power Panel (P102) is a perfect accessory especially while you are traveling as it gives an easy and optimum charge within no time. You can purchase the Sun Ray Power Panel (P102) by accessing the below link.You can also check their range of solar lights, rechargeable batteries and other chargers.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

Green Mortgage- An Upcoming Trend for Energy Efficiency

By Anny on March 24th, 2013

The concept of Green mortgage is recently becoming popular as more people are becoming eco-conscious and are looking to reduce their energy consumption. Greenmortgageeinvolves  modifying your home to make it more energy efficient. This could mean buying gadgets which work on alternative energy such as solar panels, using dimmable CFL lighting, LED panels, changing your windows by using cellular and low emission windows etc.  We are all aware of the fact that all the above mentioned gadgets do require an initial investment, and the returns start pouringingradually. The high cost of the initial investment is what deters a lot of us from making the first move, and we often tendto lose out on the recurring returns they offer. Green mortgage is one such facility which helps you with the initial cost of investment for such technologies

Green Mortgage- An upcoming trend for energy efficiency

You stand to gainin both ways as the modifications you decide to do for your house can be done in a modern way which is sure to impress your visitors and add to the value of your house. Also such energy saving modifications do give you regular returns by means of reduced power bills etc- which can be used to offset a part of the mortgage amount. Also investing in such eco-friendly practices also shows your solidarity with the environment as your act decreases the net carbon footprint, pollution and greenhouse emission which are direct and indirect consequences of your energy consumption.

This is a welcome move to start the trend of energy saving in our daily life. There are a whole lot of ways by which you can save energy consumption in your home and since you now can be assured of a funding for that. You would also need an energy  audit done on your home so that an estimation can be made as to how muchsavings in terms of spent energy would your modifications make. To know more, just get in touch with your bank to check on a suitable scheme.


Thea Solar Garden Spot Light

By Anita (EnviroGadget Writer) on September 2nd, 2011

Thea Solar Garden Spot Light


The Thea Solar Garden Spot Light is a powerful, bright light that uses eco-friendly solar energy as a power source. The light can be wall mounted, deck mounted or even staked into the ground, allowing you greater freedom to position the light wherever you require it.


6-in-1 Solar-Powered Charging Kit

By Anita (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 15th, 2011
A-solar 6-in-1 Charging Kit

The A-solar 6-in-1 Charging Kit is a great multipurpose device to have on hand. With just a little forethought to charge the device, you can ensure you have power to light your way, listen to the radio charge or cool yourself with the fan all from eco-friendly solar energy.


Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch – BL5250-02L

By Anita (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 8th, 2011
Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch - BL5250-02L

The Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch is a beautiful timepiece for those who want a watch that is both excellent in looks and in its abilities. The watch uses solar energy to charge its internal batteries, ensuring you always have a working watch whenever you require it.


Solar Powered Lighted Patio Umbrella

By Anita (EnviroGadget Writer) on July 13th, 2011
Solar Powered Lighted Patio Umbrella

The Solar Powered Lighted Patio Umbrella is great for those who love to spend time outdoors, during the day the umbrella provides shade, or protection from any annoying short showers, then through the night it provides you with light helping you to enjoy the cooler evenings.


Smart Color-Changing Outdoor Solar Party Lights

By Anita (EnviroGadget Writer) on July 8th, 2011
Smart Solar Party Light String

This Smart Party Light String provides you with 24 colourful LED bulbs to decorate your outdoor areas with. Powered in an eco-friendly way by using a solar panel, these lights can be placed to light up an area or feature, or even create one, helping you add a party feel to your outdoor areas.


Mooncharge – Solar Charger iPhone 4 Battery Case

By Anita (EnviroGadget Writer) on July 6th, 2011
Mooncharge - Solar Charger iPhone 4 Battery Case

The Mooncharge Solar Battery Case is a great device for protecting your iPhone 4 while providing you with an eco-friendly back up power supply. The case has an inbuilt solar panel that charges its internal battery, this power can then be used by your iPhone when it is required, just remember to leave the protective case in the sun to charge!