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Archive for January, 2009

PVC-Free Eco-Friendly Solar Camping Shower

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on January 30th, 2009

Solar Camping Shower

It’s probably just a little too cold in the UK to be considering going camping, but if you’re planning your spring camping holiday, then the PVC-Free Eco-Friendly Solar Camping Shower might just interest you. As far as eco gadgets go, the solar shower is really simple. Essentially the black colouring of the bag absorbs solar energy which heats up water inside the bag. When you want a shower, you have completely free heated water! (more…)

Benex Wind-Up Front Bicycle Light

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on January 29th, 2009

Benex Wind-Up Front Bicycle Light

The Benex Wind-Up Front Bicycle Light is a super bright rechargeable bike light that you can charge up by turning the handle. Cranking the light for 60 seconds will give 30 minutes of light. You can also charge the light using mains power too. It’s an environmentally friendly way of ensuring that you don’t run out of light when cycling! (more…)

Brandable Carbon Neutral Flash Drives

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on January 28th, 2009

Carbon Neutral Flash Drives

The Nature Series USB Flash drive is an attractive USB drive made from PEFC certified (sustainable) natural hardwood. The USB drive is machined from European Maple, and can be made into a number of capacities from 32MB to 8GB. The USB drive and the manufacturer FlashBay are both completely carbon neutral too. (more…)

E-Charger – Solar Powered Charger Bags

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on January 27th, 2009

Solar Messenger Bag

E-Charger, a UK company, have a range of solar-powered bags that come in a range of styles, are spacious, waterproof and hardwearing. The solar panels are capable of charging most small gadgets, including mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, game consoles, digital cameras, sat navs, CD players, etc. (more…)

EcoFan – Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on January 26th, 2009

EcoFan Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

The EcoFan is a heat-powered fan that circulates heat from a wood stove into a room. The fan generates it’s own energy to power the fan by using the difference in temperature experienced by the fan at the top and bottom. The fan is almost completely silent, and will automatically circulate air when the stove heats up. (more…)

AeroPonics Accelerated Indoor Garden Gadget

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on January 23rd, 2009

AeroGrow AeroGarden

The AeroGarden gadget (Amazon UK or Amazon US) is a kit that allows you to easily cultivate lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers and more in an energy-efficient environment in your home! The kit comes with pre-seeded growth medium, fertilizer, two daylight-spectrum bulbs and the grow pod itself. The plants start to grow within 24 hours, and the plants mature 5 times faster compared to ordinary soil. (more…)

Solvatten – Solar-Powered Water Purifier

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on January 22nd, 2009


Petra Wadstrom is a Swedish inventor has developed a solar-powered water purifier that could provide billions of the world’s poorest people with access to clean and disease-free drinking water. The purifier treats 10 litres of water at once, all within a compact case. The cost of the unit is to be set at around just $35, which would make it very affordable for many aid agencies. (more…)

SwissBike LX – Folding Mountain Bikes

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on January 21st, 2009

Swiss Bike - Folding Bike Folded

The SwissBike LX is a full-size mountain bike with full size 26″ standard wheels. When folded, it measures just 36″ x 28″ x 12″, and can be unfolded into a full bike in less than 30 seconds without tools. The great thing about the bike is that it will fit in the boot of a car or can be stored in a cupboard. (more…)

Tripp-Lite Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient UPS

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on January 20th, 2009

Eco-Friendly UPS

For those who don’t know, UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. It’s essentially a power supply that will kick in if there’s a powercut or brownout (causes lights to dim due to a drop in voltage). If you have expensive computer equipment, it can help deal with surges and brownouts, keeping your systems running and undamaged.

The Tripp-Lite Eco UPS gadgets have a 99% energy efficient battery charging system as well as switching off peripherals plugged into the eco sockets when not in use. (more…)

RobotiKits – Solar Powered Educational Kits for Kids

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on January 19th, 2009

Solar Robot Kits

These RobotiKits are a collection of 3 mini robot kits designed for school grades 3 to 8, and possibly 9 to 12. These kits are very easy to assemble and demonstrate the principles of solar energy to children. Since the kits use solar energy, they require no batteries. (more…)