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Archive for August, 2009

Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things Book

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 31st, 2009

Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things

Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things Book is a new book by Cy Tymony that takes recycling and craft to a whole new level. The book features 40 different projects using everyday objects for eco-friendly projects. All projects have step-by-step instruction as well as diagrams. The book is aimed at both adults and children, and is also useful for teachers too. (more…)

H2Orb – Gadget for detecting Toilet Leaks

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 28th, 2009

H2Orb Leaking Toilet Detector

The H2Orb is an eco-gadget that can be installed between the water supply and the toilet hose, with a special toilet bowl sensor and a tank sensor unit. With all of these sensors, the H2Orb can detect excessively running flushes, toilet bowl overflows and checks for leaks. The device costs just $127, but will pay for itself in a single year by preventing leaks. (more…)

Smart Solar Roto Basket – Garden Basket Rotator

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 27th, 2009

Smart Solar Roto Basket

The Smart Solar Roto Basket is a gadget that will automatically turn your hanging baskets so that all of the plants in the basket get equal exposure to the sun. If the sunlight is brighter, the basket turns more quickly. The gadget will also help ensure patches of soil in the hanging baskets don’t dry out too quickly. (more…)

DIY Cardboard Eco Speakers

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 26th, 2009

Eco Speakers - Decorated

Ever wanted to make your own speakers? These DIY Eco Speakers by Merkury allow you to decorate and create your own speakers. The speakers are compatible with most MP3 and music players that have a standard 3.5mm headphone socket. (more…)

USB Greenhouse – The Ultimate Office Plant

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 25th, 2009

USB Greenhouse Eco Gadget

For the ultimate gift for gardeners who work 9 to 5 in an office, there’s the new USB greenhouse gadget. The USB-powered greenhouse has an adjustable growth light, a computer interface to monitor the growth and well-being of the plant, some marigold seeds and enough artificial soil to get started. The computer software helps you monitor the growth of the plant, whilst providing an attractive part of your desk area. (more…)

Eternaleds HydraLux 4W LED Light Bulb

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 24th, 2009

Eternaleds HydraLux 4W LED Light Bulb

The Eternaleds HydraLux-4 is a fresh innovation in the area of lighting, since it’s a 4W LED bulb that produces the equivalent light of a 25W incandescent A-Shape bulb. The bulb is designed to last 35x longer than conventional incandescent bulbs (so 35,000 hours), saving approximately $157.00 over lifetime in bulb and electricity costs. (more…)

The Sun Drive – ZYRUS’ Compact USB Solar Charger

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 21st, 2009

ZYRUS Compact USB Solar Charger

ZYRUS has unveiled its new compact solar charger, named the Sun Drive. The Sun Drive offers up to 90 to 100 minutes of talking time and 25 to 35 hours of standby time for most mobile phones. The Sun Drive can also charge the usual gadgets such as MP3 players and digital cameras. (more…)

Source Water Bottle And Dispenser System

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 20th, 2009

Source Project - Water Fountain

The Source Project by Oliver Craig is an innovative concept that encourages us to drink tap water rather than using plastic bottles that play havoc with the environment. You purchase a re-usable drinking bottle from a shop, and then you’re able to top up the bottle for free using a handy water dispenser. Each time you top up your water bottle, you also earn credits or points, which you could then redeem at any participating store. (more…)

DIY Solar Powered Bicycle GPS Gadget

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 19th, 2009

DIY Solar Powered Bike GPS Kit

The Solar-Powered Bicycle GPS gadget is the creation of Brian Nadel, who wanted to be able to get home when he’d gotten lost whilst out cycling! Made from old computer parts in his office, Brian’s gadget cost him virtually nothing. Brian estimates you could build a similar unit using items from eBay and discount stores for around $150. (more…)

The FitPC 2 – 1.1GHz and 1.6GHz Low Power PC

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on August 18th, 2009

Fit PC 2

Fit PC have done it again (see their Fit PC slim), this time with the release of the Fit PC 2. The Fit PC 2 features a 1.1GHz or a 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 160GB SATA Hard Drive, Gigabit LAN and has a peak load of just 9 Watts. (more…)