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Archive for May, 2012

Fascinating climbing roses for your garden

By Anny on May 31st, 2012

Rose Garden

When roses come to our mind, everyone among us knows that roses have numerous varieties and a lot of different fragrances. Every rose get its own quality. Some of them are tiniest and most tender. On the other hand, some are largest and most vibrant blossoms.

Every gardener suits its own taste and fragrance. He knows s better which one would suit and enhance garden beauty. By gardener point of view, it is observed that nothing reflects on rose’s beauty but comparatively shrub roses can be looked after easily than climbing roses. (more…)

Eco Tourism, Globalization and Sustainable Development

By Anny on May 31st, 2012

Eco Tourism

Tourism is among the fastest growing sectors of economy in the world and developing countries are trying to cash this opportunity to increase foreign investment and attract more foreign reserves. Ecotourism  or eco travel, a general term used with word “eco” have become more popular pitch for investment and attraction of foreigners to our homelands and bring more investment and cultural learning, as well as the understanding of local communities and helping them with capital achieved through eco-tourism. (more…)

Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L Eco Drive Continual Calendar Chronograph Watch

By Anny on May 31st, 2012

Chronograph Watch

The Eco-Drive Continual calendar Chronograph watch has an amazing timepiece and good looking shape for those, who always have desire for a watch that must be charming with its shape as well as basic working features.

This solar –based watch uses solar energy with its internal batteries which always work properly. So you will find your watch working whenever you need it. Now you need not to change your watch charging cells that was costly experience. Any way this beautiful watch enriches your life with pleasure. This lovely Eco –Drive watch is manufactured by world famous watch making Company Citizen. In last 75 years, since Company started its business in whole the world, Company achieves a new position with its ECO-Drive watch which is lovely and admired by a lot of worldwide Eco lovers. (more…)

Solar Shaver Eco product review

By Anny on May 31st, 2012

Solar Shaver

We all like the idea of solar charging. Solar energy is renewable and free source of generating as much energy as we desire because there are not restrictions to production of this energy form. We have found many of such eco energy shavers on Nigel’s Eco store. (more…)

Solar Panel, a Basic Need for Solar Energy

By Anny on May 30th, 2012


Solar Panel

Now it is the era of Eco friendly energy, the basic idea lies in the fact that there should be renewable energy sources, which could provide us energy for a long time. At this stage, the solar panels are main characters of solar based energy. Best solar panel enables us to have cheapest and efficient use of solar energy which is converted by these panels.

An organized pattern of solar cells are fixed in these panels, which trap solar rays and convert it into electricity.Solar panels are generally based on expensive silicon crystals and gallium arsenide. There are also more ways of assembling solar panels, as by amorphous silicon cells. (more…)

Go Green Steps for Wild life Conservation

By Anny on May 30th, 2012

Wild life Conservation

Wildlife conservation is a common term used for protection of endangered animal and plant species with different habitats. Aim of wild life conservation is to bring surety for future generation that nature will be around them to grow and enjoy in clean open air. Wildlife conservation also teaches the communities about importance of wildlife and protection of environment and our atmosphere which in case if damaged will directly harm and eliminate the wildlife. There are wildlife protection agencies working with governments and Non-governmental which aim to protect endangered life species. (more…)

Doing ten things to slow down carbon emissions

By Anny on May 30th, 2012

slow down carbon emissions

Carbon emission is of the major reason for increasing pollution and dangerous for all the species, including both wildlife and marine life. However, if we adopt proper steps for eliminating or slowing down the carbon emission, we can contribute our part for wildlife preservation. Here are dozens of the things which we can do and how much carbon dioxide we can eliminate from our environment. (more…)

Some Commandments for Eco Gardening

By Anny on May 29th, 2012

Eco Gardening

As we move to the summer days of dog, it is essential to know about some gardening tips to improve your gardener and make it greener when sun will shine brightly during the summer season. Although water is conserved by shalt, gardeners should conserve as much quantity of water as they can. If you know about rain barrel, it is helpful to collect the recycled household water from baths as well as rainwater all the year. During the summer season, watering your plants deeply is more important than often little watering, it is useful for rooting at the deep. (more…)

Go Natural -Treatment of thin hair with hair fiber

By Anny on May 29th, 2012

Treatment of thin hair

Nowadays although there are bundle of products being available for those having hair fall problem and need the best solution for their hair care, the issue is still not completely solved and after a number of researches being made. Primary focus of these researches was to select the best one solution for human hair treatment and protection from hair loss and think growing. If you go to the market, you will find many natural herbs, medical products and various companies’ hair treatment solutions; however the result will favor those that will solve this problem on urgent basis. (more…)

A step forward- Going Green with water

By Anny on May 29th, 2012

A step forward- Going Green with water

Going Green with water

Water- the blessing of almighty creator and one of the major component essential for all the living creatures of the earth is purposeful in hundreds and thousands of ways. Although it will be evident that all the human beings, animals and marine life needs the water to survive, there are thousands of other uses of water which must be highlighted and proper efforts to protect our this precious source. Although water is one of the resources which are available in abundance, but it’s also true that no other resources are not as highly misallocated, misused and not understood properly as is the water. Water is important to be clean to use for healthy life and intact natural ecosystem, as well as our improver food are some of the things which need great care and preventive steps. (more…)