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Archive for June, 2012

Samsung Ecobubble Washing Solution Review

By Dev on June 30th, 2012

Samsung Ecobubble washing solution review

The modern women loves the technology, such technology which should solve their all the tasks in just one button.Samsung’s Eco Bubble washing machine is one of those smart solutions that address the demands of professional women and stay-at-home mothers, making laundry almost a delightful chore.


Handstand rotating iPad 2 Case made from recycled plastics

By Anny on June 29th, 2012

energy saving gadgets

Apple iPad 2 has tae the marketplace as storm and got worldwide popularity. Embedded with latest tools and technologies and use of iPad, its new version, iPad 2 has experienced the highest sales volume. But it has become essential for all the iPad users to purchase a case to protect the device, and here today we are going to review the new Handstand rotating iPad 2 Case (given beside in the picture) (more…)

The Vigilius Mountain Resort, A Cathedral of Relaxation

By Dev on June 28th, 2012

The Vigilius mountain resort, a cathedral of relaxation

The word hotel not really fits the mountain Vigilius resort, because it can be said as out of ordinary place in any category of experience. It is like an inhabitable cloud which should be created with what you describe it.  It is like a modern monastery or cathedral of relaxation or you can say it an indoor forest.


Driven by Solar launches new rechargeable Ultrapower lawn mower

By Anny on June 27th, 2012

Ultrapower lawn mower

Currently, the solar energy is only addition along with nuclear energy to fulfill the increasing energy demands and go green.  Solar energy and wind powered energy resources cannot be depended due to lack of sunlight availability in northern areas of the Europe, Asia and America, as well wind appropriate supply. (more…)

Searching for Ecofriendly SUVs

By Anny on June 25th, 2012



In recent years due to fierce competition in automobile market and with provision of most advanced features, brand preferences and getting the more out of current target area put many automobile companies in to an innovation era where each time we watch many new models within a month.

SUV is an abbreviation used for Sports Utility Vehicle, the same 2 Wheels and 4 Wheels drives which became popular after new models by top leaders including Toyota, Ford Motors, General Motors, Honda, BMW and Mercedes. (more…)

Samsung Replenish eco-friendly smartphone

By Anny on June 24th, 2012

eco-friendly smartphone

The new Samsung Replenish Android 2.2 smartphone is one of the only eco-friendly cell phones available on the market today. Offered for sale by Sprint, it is manufactured from more than 30% recycled materials and more than 80% of it is recyclable. In addition, the phone is packaged using soy ink and materials that are at least 80% post-consumer recycled waste. (more…)

Saving endangered species and Mass extinction

By Anny on June 23rd, 2012


An ecosystem can be as small as a pond or as large as a rainforest, you can even build your own in a garden or fish tank. Humans create larger ecosystems too, either agricultural or urban and have certainly had an effect on natural ecosystems, often a very damaging effect.Groups of similar ecosystems are called biomes; for example, the Arctic Tundra is considered a biome and the world’s largest biome is the open sea. (more…)

What green groups expecting from 2012 Farm Bill?

By Anny on June 22nd, 2012

Farm Bill

Similar to so many legislative policies currently passed by Washington, D.C, Green groups are mixed on decision of farm bill and towards its way to vote in senate floor. There are some of the conversation bright spotted in the bill, but question to be answered is; Are there enough and do they go far enough? The nonprofit group, EWG things that unfortunately the bill would not as much good as the harm it would be.  (more…)

The Real future of Renewable energy

By Anny on June 21st, 2012

Renewable energy

Regarding the recent changes in world for renewable energy resources and efforts to conserve the natural environment, there have been more debates about issue than ever before. With the popularity of solar power steadily increasing throughout the world, there really has never been a better time to consider installing solar photovoltaic panels (PV) on your business or home. Here are some of the benefits of PV panels and some of the debunked myths that tend to circulate around the water cooler. (more…)

Robotic Lawn mower- An autonomous robot to cut law grass

By Anny on June 20th, 2012

Robotic Lawn mower

A robotic lawn mower is an autonomous robot which has been designed to cut down the garden grass with defined area of its working. A robotic lawn mower is much advanced machine as compared to traditional lawn mower used.

Robotic lawn mower requires the user to setup up a boarder wire around that lawn that defines the area to be mowed and robot uses its wire around the boundary and area to be trimmed and locates the recharging dock in some cases. This robotic lawn mower is capable to maintaining up to 5 acres or 20,000 m2 of grass area. (more…)