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Archive for January, 2013

Ambient Power From Surrounding

By Anny on January 31st, 2013


Ambient power from surrounding

Energy can transfer from one medium to another constantly through transmission process and flow of electrons to cellular metabolic process, where waste heat is produced from all the types of energies. Through energy is surrounding us from all around we are only able to consume a little or only a minor part of it. A lot amount of energy is wasted when it is transferred from one medium to another in our environment through sunlight or wind. Here we are talking about remnant energies which are produced by different systems which are left unused.

Although energy is all around us, we usually are only able to harness a very small amount of it. Scientists are eager to utilize these bits and pieces of power from our surrounding environment through infinite ways to keep it save. Every that little part of energy which is wasted on this planet should be saved and this is the reason now scientists are searching about ambient energy system to economize and save the energy waste.

Remnant environmental energy harvesting

The harvesting of ambient energy is based on obtaining of energy from a device or system passively. It is important that a system should obtain the ambient energy from current alternative sources. Definition of ambient energy is here focused only for unconventional energy sources like human physical energy or passive energy through foot pressure, accumulation of electromagnetic energy, plants or trees metabolic energy.

An ideal ambient system has never to depend on other energy sources for its gathering or collection, as well as running of this system. A system which will be powered by ambient energy would not require any batter for connection through grid and it would be a complete independent for its operations. This device will feed the energy from its surrounding energy.

Ambient energy systems, although there have scalable principles but they will work as alternative energy like other systems of power and would not have as much power as those other platforms have. They are instead designed to provide power for very low-energy applications, and they are used to eliminate the need to set up a large energy source. For example, instead of using batteries or a wind turbine, a small sensor could just harvest the energy found in its surroundings.

Ambient power from surrounding

Improving the device performance through all energy use


The ambient energy system is capable to work at significant low level as compared to our solar standard arrays. However alternative energy fundamental principles for efficiency will not be capable in this energy system.  It’s required to make the collected energies meaningful through ambient energies to gather and make use of all that energy wastes. An effective use of ambient energy system would be to bring improvement in operational reliability and we are sure ambient system is capable of that. When your gadget or device would run out of the power you will not required bringing the energy source when self-replenishing energy is available.  Once ambient energy system started working around the environment, the energy death would never be possible.

Leave Your Car in Garage one Day of Week

By Anny on January 29th, 2013

People cannot imagine a day or week without cars in this fast pace world where life has been become fast and lagging is not bearable for anyone. For how much you are dedicated to green living, leaving a face pace life with your car is now turning difficult till eco-friendly vehicles all around on the roads. Giving up the driving is also an impractical step for green environment dedicated individuals. With more economic downturns and practical changes in the world, we may have to think that cutting back is profitable policy.

If you leave your car for one day of the week and use an alternative transportation source, your percentage of carbon footprints will be decreased and cost value would be cut down. The world demand for petroleum is around 90 million barrels daily and running cars on the roads causing 70 percent of the monoxide pollution which is big amount to make great difference.

There are so many benefits associated with public transport and walk. You may better understand the health improvements. If we get a chance to go outside and get the better fitness, there would be no other better idea then this to save the money and live green. Riding on a bus or using the bike is also something to enjoy and it’s difficult to travel through bike or foot, you may also ask for carpooling system with your fellow guys. You may get a chance to know one another and create the understanding with fellow guys. Carpooling would inspire the more people to bring cooperation and encourage other people to support us and would not be stressful when you get chance to leave the driving a day.

The second major benefit of not driving your car for a day in week is improvement in your finance. Gas and petroleum prices have moved to the peaks and would increase more. Nations have understood the fact that this resource of energy is also ending with time. In EIA reports, it has been told that new economic cars have also lowered down the gas consumption and have been more fuel efficient vehicles.

Another major benefit you will get is associated with your car insurance. When an insurer finds the fact that you are not driving more, the rates would lower down and this is because per mileage travel and accident risks are also downed. It has been told in many studies that people drive more than what actually they need every day. Expense percentage has increased over last few decades because of increase in population and new generation loving the cars more and more today.

As much now cars have been increased in all the countries, the volume of pollution have been turned double. Trucks and cars consume thousands tons of our petroleum resources and also need other liquid to run the system. A short story to end here is that excessive use of automobile is hazardous for our environment and there would be worst if we don’t control the dilemma today.

Why Nuclear Energy Will Lose its Ground Against Other Renewable Sources??

By Anny on January 27th, 2013

Nuclear energy, a renewable source of energy has been in debates and critics have different arguments as far as its advantages have been found by scientific researches. Discovery of this eco-friendly and renewable source has set the milestone for greater energy supply and protection of natural environment. Nuclear energy also encouraged stopping our depending on fossil fuels as primary energy generation source. The trend has been changing now and wind, solar and nuclear energy has filled the broaden gap.

Why nuclear energy will lose its ground against other renewable sources??

The critics have viewed this energy source through different aspects and it is not as perfect and safer for our environment as it should be, though it was. It is also evidence that nuclear energy is more powerful, efficient source of energy even today to stop our use of fossil fuels, but it will be defeated in long run against other renewable energy sources because it is not as efficient as it had been predicted.

Costly nuclear energy safety procedures

The huge start up cost for nuclear power plants lagging behind this source of energy as compared to previous use of fossil fuels plants which had low start up costs comparing to this one source. Same is the defect with other renewable sources of energy which are available today. Construction of ionizing protective and safe nuclear energy plants means bearing the additional costs with complete safety system to generate this source of energy.

An operational renewable energy has low cost as compared to nuclear energy production plant that would work with same span of the time. A huge safety and maintenance cost for nuclear energy is still a major question to be solved. If a nuclear energy reactor fails and safety is broken, this would be …..

Nuclear damage will extend to the environment and human beings

When wind energy system or solar system are required to pause and shut down the operations due to natural calamity and disasters, the damage will be only limited to the system power plant. May be it blow the items and few equipments which can be repaired with some maintenance work and power will be restored, but nuclear energy hazards are enormous and can’t be controlled in specific time span.

Through considerable damage to a nuclear power plant, there are high risks associated with widespread radiation. These radiations not only affect the core reactor but also population around the nuclear power plant and the entire environment. An area of about 20 kilometer around Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is still unsafe and affected the people living in areas closer to this power plant.

Why nuclear energy will lose its ground against other renewable sources??

Not idea for small communities at distances

Although nuclear energy plants are better than renewable energy today as they are natural and lots of energy is produced through this source. This is utterly impractical for small communities living at distances to be provided with nuclear power. The time required to retrieve investment with energy for distant communities through nuclear energy will result in big capital loss.
If nuclear energy wins the race against other sources of energy generation, the nuclear fission technology would be obsolete after first research on commercially fusion reactors.

The Natural Alternatives To Laundry Detergents

By Anny on January 25th, 2013

All the readers hear would agree to the importance of clean laundry. No one would agree that his or her children should walk around in dingy and smelly clothes. The cleanliness is a part of faith and all the human beings are conscious about keeping toxic elements away from their skin. The skin acts as central entry point and gatekeeper in human body and largest organ in our body. In ordinary laundry detergents which we use every day for washing, there is high involvement of artificial fragrances, phenols and napthas.

There are several flammable hydrocarbon liquid mixtures in napthas and phenols and in broad definition; they cover all the liquid hydrocarbons which are found in petroleum. These detergents add too much to our expenses and natural alternatives are more appealing if we use them for our wallet saving or our health.  Prime thing which we note down when we are looking for natural alternatives is addition of natural line in famous brands description. Being green is an added value!!!

Detergents contain different value of surfactants and they break the water surface tension to remove dirt away from clothes. Same surfactants will find their way to water and cause big aquatic life damage they are mixed with marine water, where millions of marine livings would die. These surfactants affect the outer membrane of fishes and other marine living organisms, exposing their skin to parasites and different bacteria. The marine life is also affected when these surfactants make them absorb the pollutants.

In manufacturing process of detergents, there are kept no safety and monitoring standards and huge amount of harmful ingredients are mixed to leaching and pills in all around us. Detergents have also the problem of carbon emission during their manufacturing process and packing that is made from non-recyclable materials. But there is also laundry alternative washing organic solution available and they will not affect the environment in negatively through ingredients, because they are natural and eco-friendly.


Wooden washing machine

Wooden washing machine is not more an idea; it has become a practical available product from Wooden washing machine is a zero-emission washing machine and it uses the human power for its functioning and leverage. have also provided with full detail of how a wooden washing machine will be used, features and advantages.

Traditional Tumble drying should be skipped

If you have an open space available in your home or apartment, get the old fashioned and zero emission drying instead of electric dryers. If there is not enough space available in your home, you can use a rack for drying clothes near a window.

Make use of Energy efficient washing methods

For eco-washing, it is important to check the washing machines and prefer a front loading machine instead of top loading machine, because a front loading machine is more efficient one. Use of homemade laundry detergents is also an effective way to save more and keep the environment fragrance.

Now many companies have focused on this point and have highlighted their new detergents as eco-friendly, but most of them have not mentioned about use of ex. Phosphate, which is mixed with several other chemicals and needs explanation. Homemade detergents are easy to make and they are more eco-friendly for solution of all these environmental issues. For an individual, it will take only 5 to 10 minutes to prepare homemade washing detergent.

Concentrated Detergents

When only George Marvelous Medicine worked for you and mixing of ingredients didn’t, prefer the concentrated liquid detergents. These types of detergents save the packing and transport trips and most of them have been traveling around the internet too. Let’s start our first try to prepare our homemade laundry detergent.  The main ingredients you need are;

  • 1 bar of Dr. Bonners Pure castile soap,
  • 1 cup borax
  • 1 cup washing soda

Put all these ingredients in a food processor together and place in an air tight container. If you have a front load, just put one tablespoon of the mix. We have been well-known to fabrics softeners and really now people do searching for them. However softeners use scent and softness on the clothes which are not removed even after their cleaning. These toxic ingredients are inhaled and also absorbed by our skin, causing a big damage to our skin.

The natural softness of fabric is also taken away when you allow coating something on the fabric. Similar absorption you will find in your towels which are scratchy because they are not good absorbent of fabric softeners.  We have found that homemade or natural laundry detergents don’t remain once they have been washed. However when softeners have been used for fabrics, there is an ingredient fix which don’t remove easily. The greener washing detergents are more active to take part for green environment and saving the marine world instead of their unproductive counter parts.

Most of the homemade laundry introducing man made materials and if you are looking for an alternative to chemical detergents, then soap nuts are best thing to be selected. Soap nuts are the berry-like fruit of the Sapindus Mukorrosi tree, found mainly in the Himalayas. The berries are gathered, their seeds are removed and they’re dried in the sun.

Because they’re grown organically and then dried, they really are 100% natural.

These are low sudsing, antimicrobial, biodegradable gentle, making them safe for high efficiency washers. The wools and silks can also be done using mild soap.  A gentler way to wrinkle instead of ironing is to spray the dried cloth with a vinegar and water solution. There are many alternative ideas like cleaning the actual iron with white vinegar filled reservoir, because ironing red marks can be removed by use of white vinegar. Now switch the iron and let it steam for 5 mints and use with the water.

The natural alternatives are highly recommended because of their low PH value and when you add them for fabrics cleaning, the dark lint of the clothes will be reduced. Such organic detergents are as much powerful as our chemical detergents and friendly to the environment.

This weekend with Fun and Eco Romance

By Anny on January 23rd, 2013

There has been nothing so beautiful then in love; holding hands in the park or talking on the phone, romantic talk with butterflies in your stomach. Whether a love lasts for a year or lifetime, there has been nothing beautiful and satisfying than anything else. Lots of the couples are budget conscious and also love to celebrate their valentine day with all romantic gestures and spend all the holiday with great pleasures and fun. Spending the weekend with your loved one would make you conscious if you studied the green technology, going green and all about environmental issues.

Time to think out of the box and surprise your partner unexpectedly with an eco romance and portray to the world that going green have much fun while they are being with their love, quite funny!! Yes. The organic makeup, eco-friendly dressing, low carbon footprint automobile or preferring to use a carriage, cycle for tour would be really amazing and a long memorable journey.  Start from your eco-friendly foot and buy an eco-friendly organic chocolate. Now there are tremendous brands of chocolates in the market today and you will find many at any online store or food store. You both may enjoy the taste and feel better with organic chocolate.

Save the energy resources and high consumption today by introduction candles light to your romantic evening and your loved one’s mood would be smiling indeed to watch this all. A good suggestion is to select the toxic free candles and save more. The organic candles are not costly and you can easily buy from any local store. There is no other way to express your love then to touch the hands of your love, better to give a neck or back organic massage and it would offer more freshmen and lots of health benefits.

Get a bath with some organic rose petals or add some natural aroma and lavender in your water before taking bath. Also add some organic flowers petals for fragrance because those flowers you buy from outside have pesticides and may start irritation for the skin.
If you really want to Go Green, start a picnic and bring some utensils and usable plates in a small basket or also bring healthy vegetables you grown in your garden and cook some delicious dishes and enjoy it with your loved one. Also add the organic wine in your basket too!! Prefer an organic coffee you make yourself instead of visiting the starbucks and getting an expensive coffee. Find a bench in the park where you visit, chat with love and watch the people.

Bike riding is a real fun and also it passes the day amazing when you are with your love. It will save the extra cost you bear for gasoline for your car and also helpful for environment, by reducing the carbon footprints. Protect the environment; take care of the wildlife and greenery. When you are with your loved one, visit the wildlife and plant a tree, it would be the memory of your love and also visit a local nursery for searching the healthy plants for your garden. Write the love notes, because they are sign of the true relationship and make your all day joyful.

Green energy- Is this a Matter of Economy and Costs

By Anny on January 21st, 2013

Tell me about cost of energy? We know that renewable source before and you, I and that man in Clapham know a lot about expensive energy resources, depletion of resources and cheap energy alternatives, but why we need to change our approach towards green energy? Will this not cost us more? An important thing to understand is cost of green energy on economy. Green energy has become a famous word for jargon talk and it’s important to add here critical reviews about renewable energy sources along with its first polished shine.

Green energy- Is this a matter of Economy and Costs

As we have guesses, answer is itself the explanation and energy is literally powering the modern world where all the work would stuck once this source has been stopped to generate more power. If you are standing in a supermarket or some big fashion plaza where thousand apparel shops and suddenly power cut, how they managed and how badly it affected the whole process? Sure only they just turn on the emergency lights with no air conditions, freezers or other such equipment to turn on when generators or UPS have been working. This is a trilling and pretty quick response to such unpleasant situation.

When you are experiencing the products with their price tags, you may found that no products have anything so quaint as their sales prices and of course bar codes will be hard to read, even computers would not able to function properly for tracking record of the stock when bar-code scanners are not working on alternative energy. It means all the work has been stopped and powered off.  Without a power source, what would be happened to our all infrastructure; our communication, factories, hospitals, schools and colleges and all the researches would be ended and human beings would be counting stars like centuries before people used to do in absence of power in darkness all night. If all the energy stops, our world would grinds to juddering stop and turn to Dark Age in a day.

Believe me if price of energy gets upward trend till a big value where people may find it too costly, the demand for energy would not still cut down and there would be a profound effect on economic activity at that supply-demand level. It’s not an abstract view about energy demand but its true to evaluate how this folk would work actually, our future, raising children, groceries and communication with one another, all this primary things would be affected without energy power source.

Increasing prices of Energy and major Impacts

Increasing energy prices will lead to inflation and even per unit cost will increase for manufacturers and traders of goods and services. A decrease in availability of energy would lead to slow supply of goods and services, affecting the businesses and in our jargon words, lol, economic development would stop and all the output would decrease. Renewable energy projects are quite essential and also they are alternative sources available to fulfill emergency energy needs.


Green energy- Is this a matter of Economy and Costs

A high predictive demand and productivity would lead to high completion of future projects and depending on alternative energy source and continuing the existing business plans with smooth investment in alternative energy sources.

This drag on growth and productivity inevitably gives rise to gloomy projections for the future, derails existing business plans and puts investment on hold. A downward spiral could develop as negative sentiments become self-fulfilling prophecies and it’s hardly surprising that the technical terms for what could await are “great recession” or worse “depression”.

But in fast pace world where developed countries have more smooth energy production techniques and ready alternatives, it doesn’t stop with just those countries that under the great energy demands and still unaffordable to convert to clean and green energy because of its huge start-up and supporting costs. Now nations have been professional and mature to understand that they are directly or indirectly depending on their neighbor nations and for smooth economic development and their survival, they need to share their energy production to bring more profit and peaceful foreign relations.

Green energy is here an umbrella energy source instead of that fuels burning minerals, means not here the coal, oil or gas fuels. Some guys will here also interrupt us and argue for nuclear energy to be not a clean source due to its CO2 credentials, because it is also mining and burning a mineral, the uranium resource which has already its scarcely available in the world.

There are three broad criteria that most green energy sources have in common. They are not finite in supply; they don’t pollute and specifically don’t increase atmospheric CO2 levels; most places on Earth are able to access some form of green energy (unlike oil which is unevenly distributed)

Green energy- Is this a matter of Economy and Costs

We have been depending on only few foreign countries for energy sources once our own resources have been depleted, but it will be all ended in next hundred years or some more than this. At that stage, the availability of green energy will be greater advantage for the nations.

The depletion of domestic energy sources depletion means creating the new ones instead of depending on others. Our great desire is to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere and lower down the value of pollutants in air. When green groups first started with their ideas, there had been less government support, but now there are many attractive options available to them with fund and federal grants. How government ensure the possibility of funds and zeal for green energy would be helpful for green future.

The green energy intervention is depending heavily on developed countries and need to be promoted to the other regions of the world. A major reason that would affect more would be wealth with new businesses and jobs springing up. But if you consider that this could be not only a global initiative, but also a fundamental structural shift on a par with the Industrial Revolution or the advent of the digital era, then you can begin to appreciate the scale of the opportunity that “green energy” represents for the world economy.

The Industrial Hemp has great Advantages

By Anny on January 19th, 2013


Marijuana and industrial hemp are similar in many aspects, but they are too different things. There are many characterizes, uses and The Industrial Hemp has great Advantagesadvantages of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is still starting to discover for its advantages, which are tremendous and unlimited, but its importance can be found in many industries like construction, paper and textile. The major difference between industrial hemp and marijuana is in their CBD and THC level, a stuff which is used industrial level and get you high-cannabidiol.


The level of CBD is low in Marijuana and its THC level is high, which make it good for students of colleges but not for industrial use. Industrial hemp, on the other hand is low at HTC level and its CBD level is high, which makes it useful for industrial work.  Industrial hemp has tremendous advantages and unmatched in terms of its absorbency and strength as natural fiber.  Industrial hemp for this purpose is used in canvas sails for sailing ships, creation of ropes and in clothing.


Levis, the popular jeans manufacturing company of the world earned its popularity through its durability and strength of the clothing and it has been found that jeans were originally made from hemp. Hemp is also used in many dietary products.  There is high level of concentration in hemp for essential fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid omega-3 and omega-6 and it has been found as healthy for our health.


Hemp has great power to fight against premenstrual syndrome, arthritis and neurodermatitis.  The hemp oil can be used as linseed oil or flaxseed oil and it is processed for manufacturing of products like cosmetics, nail varnishes, soaps and biodiesel. A large quantity of waste is produced while processing the hemp and this material is used to produce an unsustainable reliance, and cut down our reliance and dependency on forests for making of papers.


Industrial hemp has great strength and durability, which makes is an essential material for construction materials and it can surely replace the many other alternatives such as plywood and drywall. Hemp has also many other profitable uses like made bricks of high insulation. Today US environment, a large number of the growers and farmers have been asked for grow hem for industrial purposes. If we see it from farming view, hemp is a great rotation crop and there are no pesticides grown with it, which would cut down the growth a per-acre revenue.

Hemp is friendly to the environment and also provides good yield as compared to soybeans or corn yield of $100-200, while it has revenue of $250-300. The growing period of hemp is also not large enough like soybeans and it takes only 90 days for hemp to grow, while soybeans take 100- 150 days average. Although Hemcrete has strong insulation benefits (A 12-inch-thick Hemcrete wall has an R-value of R-28), the cost of building his home was $133 per square foot. This is in comparison to the 2009 U.S. average of $83.89 meaning he almost paid double per square foot.


Use of Algae to Produce Energy Through Wastewater

By Anny on January 17th, 2013

There have been more recycling programs nowadays as compared to decade before and large amount of wastewater produced is also recycled for reuse in urban areas. Although not all the used water is recycled and it make take time to cover the great gap, the world largest bodies are struggling to recover the offshore water and make purposeful use of used water. You may be thinking till this discussion that we don’t have any other option of dealing with wastewater?

Use of Algae to produce energy through Wastewater

This would be definitely easy to transfer the wastewater to some safe place and recycle through advanced technological methods available and save the cost and environment. There are many ideas from the people and researching bodies to make effective use of waste water to make it more productive for the environment and our economy. One of these ideas led to development of energy production project through wastewater.

Different research studies agreed to one point that microalgae would be one of the most beneficial bio fuels for renewable energy production. There are easier to be grown as compared to our conventional crops which have low production yield. Microalgae can transfer to several magnitudes if we analyze its effectiveness with other productive resources. In order to grow and thrive, biofuel microalgae would work on and digest, a creature which will be there where wastewater comes from and that is biological by its origin.

In NASA nanotechnology, a research Jonathan Trent is busy in his research with OMEGA System about offshore membrane of this productive biofuel Algae. We can find the description of its working through its acronym that it utilizes the big enclosed plastic membranes to cultivate and grow the biological microalgae. The urban waste water produce need living environment for microalgae while other living environment required provided is offered by sun and coral plants.  The OMEGA project offshore nature has also found that in production of biofuel microalgae, this should not consume the land available for production of food.

Use of Algae to produce energy through Wastewater

OMEGA system is enclosed as whole and with use of different elements, it cycle itself and purposeful as energy source. This system has been designed in such a way that it will gather the entire city’s waste water and would be definitely a large sustained place for microalgae growth. Making this project according to its promising plans, OMEGA will deal with all the economic hurdles which may suffer this project, but we may think that a large amount of wastewater of this world would be saved from offshore and OMEGA energy process will continue it to produce the renewable energy, the predictions are still high.

Funding is yet to be elevated for this great system to work properly and smoothly complete its initial working. This project has also planned to introduce the aqua culture beneath the membrane like oysters and mussels for improvement of this system production. Would this not be a purposeful idea to invest in such energy source which may pay back more than our investment and also fulfill current energy demands? Stay for More updates this week!!

What makes the Gadgets Green??

By Anny on January 15th, 2013

Promoting the eco-friendly environment campaign and awareness the fellow human beings about environment protection is really important for marketing consumers’ electronics today by manufacturers. An eco-friendly or green gadget holds the position which is superior to its related gadget and more appealing to buyers as eco-friendly. Those companies which follow the green gadgets standards and policies are more preferable for customers nowadays.

The real eco-friendly standard of gadgets is still a question and this is fact that we believe on only news and not completely assure it ourselves. The humans of today cannot live without new era technology and that’s the reason we thought of listing few things which are important about making gadgets green. We make sure that our lovely electronic gadgets may not effect the environment. Here are few important facts about green gadgets and how we measure the green standards of our existing gadgets;


1.    Green gadgets require least energy for processing and their long time use:

How we measure the green gadgets is based on energy they consume. While sitting in a office room or home where your computer has been running since last two days, there would be much suffocation and hard to sit once you have come from outside. This is a common measuring standard for gadgets that are recognized on a selling store with their eco-friendly standards seal.  The consumption of energy is always associated in some ways with fossils fuel use and it is the main source of energy today. If we use less energy, it means we will lesser consume the fossil fuels. For an electronic gadget to be included in eco-friendly gadgets category, its performance should be greater when compared to other gadgets which use an average amount of energy for their daily use.

Let take an example of modern tablet computer device. If you install your office working software like MS word, acrobat reader or any other require suite, it will give you more productivity as compared to a desktop PC and its energy consumption is 3 or 5 times less than that of desktop PC.

2.       Material Used in Green gadgets is 100 percent recycled and biodegradable.

A major issue with electronic items is that, much like any other industrially synthesized items like plastic, they are not naturally biodegradable and process through recycling. Recycling is an effective process available today to recycle the plastic and other gadgets materials which effect the landfills and dangerous for living beings. These materials simply pile up as e-waste. For gadgets to be true eco-friendly, they must be manufactured through recycled and reusable materials. Each component must be designed to be conveniently broken down into simpler pieces, or at least be made of something that is already largely recycled today.

Although recycling and use of reusable product items look easier one, it is much difficult and hard to implement through economics point of view. To some extent it is because of the better commercial viability of other materials, although it could also be partly because gadgets users do not usually take a direct or active part to make sure that their gadgets were completely recycled or how effective is the waste management.

3.      The design approach for gadgets effect the manufacturing and their recycling

Design and manufacturing of gadgets have great impact in recycling and reusing of such items again. This issue simply goes by a fact based concept that the lesser material used for manufacturing of gadget, the lesser harmful it would be, making it simpler to reuse and connect the material again. For this concept, a simple reduction in weight has great value and only a milligrams material reduction in manufacturing of that item means 30-40 percent adjustment in its design and final results.

Let’s continue our previous example of latest tablet computers, because they are getting more popular and have great productivity. These computers are more portable and lighter and save our time, space and increase the completion of our major functions. It will take only few seconds to search a book online through tablet PC as compared to desktop PC or searching that book in a library. It is saving the amount of paper which would consume for designing of that book and friendly to the environment.


4.        Biodegradation and landfills issue

This point is more important their own previous two discussion arguments for selection and categorization of technology gadgets. We need to make sure that its material will not leak the landfills or biodegradable and once it has been recycled, it should not cause any harm.  Eco-friendly gadgets should be synthesizable by organisms and there should be no danger associated when its components have been digested or taken by living beings.

Although still there are no such gadgets available commercially which should fulfill these requirements, there have been an increasing trend form manufacturing companies and research projects which have projected to bring 100 percent eco-friendly gadgets. The discarded circuits pilling up in large trash zones and dumpsites problem can be solved through biodegradable circuits.

Apart from this discussion about green gadgets, there is a specific reason for not electronics gadgets being 100 percent green, beside the fact that there are electronics made. It is because our current electronics industry has back roots from current energy infrastructure which is not eco-friendly and renewable energy. There are many raw material items which are required during electronics gadgets manufacturing, and at the same time they are hazardous and equal to death for all the living beings.

The process of proper recycling can solve most of our problems but it’s currently only 4 to 6 percent. Proper recycling of electronic gadgets when you are up with them or they have been damaged and unable to use will be helping to mitigate the negative effects of electronic materials on this environment and our planet. The speeding up process of recycling means every individual needs to make his or her efforts till a complete trend of green gadgets prevails. Once things have been set on a proper route, we are sure to be using only eco-friendly gadgets one day.



Scientists Focus Towards Plants To Generate Electricity

By Anny on January 13th, 2013

Scientists Focus towards plants to generate electricity

How beautiful and amazing it would be if some portion of electricity for your domestic use is coming from plants growing in your garden or rooftop? If we imagine it was not a fiction and real things have been seen, it would feel like mystery is out of the cover. However this technology would be more common in coming years if all the things planned go parallel toward success without major hurdles.

A Dutch research company has been granted 250,000 Euro. This company is based in Netherlands and researching about different energy production techniques and hoping to get commercial partners for its promotion and further research.

If Plant-e gets success to bring the power generating green roofs, it would bring revolution in the energy market and useful in many ways for generation and provision of electricity at small level and might be enough to fulfill the energy demands of individual houses.

In old days, the burning of resources like fossil fuels and coals were used for lighting but they were totally pollutants and had detrimental effects on our planet. Along with those negative effects and their observations we have done today, it is a reality that our energy resources are limited and will not wait for us more.

The push for energy need empowered the human beings to research, develop and deploy the green energy sources, a sustainable and renewable energy production. Here is a short review about how plants energy is a new and sustainable energy production idea. The process starts with photosynthesis and solar energy production. Plants get energy from sun and produce organic matter and half of which is transferred to soil through its roots.

Bacteria process on organic matter and natural occurring produce protons and electrons as a waste product. The electricity is produced when electrons pass through power harvester and making use of water as a byproduct in this process.

This system of energy production has wider scope and effectively can be applied in urban areas where construction of such system based on rooftops of the houses is suitable, and it will supply electricity as per the daily demand of households. The first building of the world which is generating this roof green energy is situated in Netherlands and its energy will be enough to charge mobile phones and related voltage gadgets.

Scientists Focus towards plants to generate electricity

The pilot living green lab is about 50 sq meters and research has been expanding with better efficiency to make this suitable for domestic and commercial use. We have been excited about new technology source and looking forward for the day when such renewable and green energy will rule the world and also would be functioning in developing countries of the world.

There are many without electricity and this could very well lead not only to a more sustainable source of energy but provide many with cheap energy anywhere on the globe. A green roof electricity system will rule or fail in the future? Get in touch and see what happens!!!