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Archive for February, 2013

Why are Perfume Cans and Other Aerosols Considered Harmful To The Environment?

By Anny on February 28th, 2013

We all use aerosol dispensers in many ways in our life-right from the can of the perfume to paint sprays, insect repellants etc. They all contain compressed fluids, which are contained in high pressure and can be pointed and sprayed to release the gas inside. However, to create such an effect within a can, the mixture inside the can also contains harmful CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) which are a major cause of the ozone layer depletion and air pollution. These CFC’s are used as propellants inside the can as they help in directing the mixture inside to come out as a thrust of a gas spray.

When these CFC’s are released in the air, they slowly start moving up the atmosphere and get concentrated. This is when they are affected by the electro-magnetic radiation of the sun causing them to release chlorine ions in the atmosphere. This chlorine reacts with the ozone resent in the atmosphere and slowly starts displacing the free ozone molecules. As we all know, the ozone layer protects  us from harmful  rays of the sun, without which the normal sun light we see would also have contained a higher proportion of harmful radiation that would have a damaging effects of us as well as a the eco-system.

World-over, CFC’s are widely used in pressure cans to help dispense the product as a sprays, with the perfume industry being one of the major users of this technology. There has been a recent awareness on this trend that has resulted in a gradual shift from such usage. However, as with any other form of pollution, the decrease in the cause is not evenly spread out, and there is still a rampant usage of such technology.

Instead of aerosol dispenser, we can use a pressure pump, or a fluid form of the product as and when possible. Major perfume brands have been moving away from such harmful chemicals and are using other alternative propellants in perfumes. We also see a gradual increase in pressure pumps to dispel larger amounts of fluid such as insecticides, agricultural sprays etc. Not only do CFC’s damage the ozone layer, but this unwanted additions also cause health hazards in some people with sensitive allergies. So, before you find a spray can handy, think in a broader perspective, and take a wise decision.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

By Anny on February 26th, 2013

Most of use miss giving more than a glance at the packaging materials that come with most of the goods we purchase. They are often thrown away, with a confidence that such thin sheets or balls would not cause any major harm and can be easily taken care of. However, the actual consumption of such materials which are again sourced from natural sources which do require a direct consumption of natural resources and an usage of manufacturing energy makes them  require more than a thought. It shouldn’t be a major surprise to know that packaging material account for more than 30% of the world not industrial waste in emerging economic.

Eco-Friendly Packages

What we can do to reduce such ha a trend is by using recyacble materials for packaging, which means that attractive plastic covers, boxes etc  need to be excluded as much as possible. Using cardboard or paper helps the waste to degrade naturally and does not cause any inherent pollution.

Also, we can also ensure that such packaging be reused whenever possible, so that it serves multiple uses which would otherwise have consumed a fresh set of packaging materials. Even recyclable materials do have to come from a natural source  require a production set-up which consumes energy, require transportation- which causes pollution and requires fuel.

Eco-Friendly Packages

So of the alternatives to conventional packaging is using bamboo based packaging boxes, jute bags and other fiber yielding sources which can be optimally sourced from the environment. Also, you can give precedence to packaging material which have been sourced from PCM (Post Consumer Materials) such as waste plastic products etc so that such materials are productively used instead being hazardously disposed off or incarcerated to cause air and soil pollution. Also check if the material is easily compostable, so that its disposal does not cause any adverse effects.

Major brands such as Dell, Gucci etc have implemented  sustainable packaging materials in their product delivery  so as to create a eco-friendly  product system. You too can do your part by checking with your local stores to see if they have such options, and can also educate people around on the available alternatives and better ways to optimize packaging use.  Many products have a mention of the packaging  type used on the carton itself, so that consumers can make a wise choice.

So…before you just trash a sheet of wrap into the litter can,  do see if you can have a better turn-around for such choices.

Acid Rain-What We All Need To Know About

By Anny on February 24th, 2013

The Eco-system we live is very  fragile with a large set of interrelated elements that mutually aspect each other. One small disturbance causes a chain of reactions that manifest in different forms. Hence, its of utmost importance that we as environmentally  conscious citizens know that repercussions of our actions. Acid rain is one such phenomenon that is a direct consequence of air pollution and causes a change in the chemical nature of rain water over a large area.

Primary causes of an acid rain is the burning of fossil fuel  such as coal, oil etc which release  toxic gases such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. These gases tend to dissolve in the rain droplets in the cloud causing the rain water to become slightly acidic. Such rainfall causes damage to plants, soil, buildings, animals, marine life etc. Some other lesser known causes of acid rains are lightening which causes an oxidation of nitrogen in the air and also the soot emitted by active volcanoes.

Acid Rain-What we all need to know about

A primary result of an acid rain is the gradual corrosion of metals used in construction. Structures made of stones such as limestone, granite etc can also get eroded or lose their sheen and strength.  It also effect marine life as sensitive species of fish cannot tolerate any change in the chemical nature of sea water which is majorly fed from rains. It also damages forests and causes changes in the soil which makes it very difficult for cultivating certain types of crops. The damage is more in regions located  near mountains and in high altitudes.

Acid rains are not generally specific to a particular  region as the movement of clouds and storms carry clouds far away from the region which generates pollution. Also, the water table beneath the earth, the river systems  which are largely interlinked do carry the acidic water across different geographies.

The solution lies in gradually moving towards non-polluting ways of generating power and also reducing pollution and also treating the pollutants by filtering the acidic oxides before the gases are released into the air. Small steps we individually take towards such aspects can greatly help our environment before it becomes a largely impacted. Hence, its very essential for each of us to be aware of how we can all contribute in our own way to save our nature.



Tallest Sears tower in United States Go Green

By Anny on February 22nd, 2013

In United States, the Sears Tower is the tallest building and will be getting a green makeover over in next five years. According to Green Roofing research department, this phenomena is more eco-friendly and beneficial for the environment. . Buildings nationwide are the cause, according to the U.S Department of State, for 36 percent of overall energy use, 65 percent of electricity consumption, 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions and 12 percent of water use in America! The impact of this new renovation will definitely be huge in a good way.

This green transformation will be a huge investment and expected to cost $350 m. To insure the warmer winter and cooler summers, about 16,000 windows will be changed with modern paneled glass instead of tinted single pane windows and an insulated layer will keep the temperature unaffected from outside.

The solar panels, wind turbines and eco roofs will be added to the building for complete transformation and this will decrease the energy usage up to 80 percent as well as use of water in next four years. Some relative expenses estimate has been added for upgrading of lighting, escalators and elevators. This will add to the environmental beauty and protection, as well as a great example for the community. This will create 4,000 more jobs and opportunity for the investments. While this summer, 110 story skyscrapers of US will get a new name as Willis Tower.

Once you visit this windy city and have to stay in a hotel, a better suggestion is to stay in adjacent 50 story hotel that will be located beside Sear Towers after transformation. This eco-friendly hotel will be constructed on north east of Sears Tower and will operate on Solar and wind power sources to make efforts for net zero energy usage. It is predicted that new Willis skyscraper will be a big addition to eco improvements in United States and here are major changed that would be brought to the new building green transformation; Granite plaza to be replaced with green space, new retail, permeable pavement and, along Adams Street, a solar-powered digital display for news and event information.

In sears towers complete green transformation process, there would be many steps included, like mechanism to save the fuel cell technologies, use of new water savers in bathrooms and where there is huge use of water, adjusting the elevators power to turn on and off when they required, use of hot solar water panels on top floor to heat up the water for use, changing the 16,000 windows and metals used panels to decrease energy consumption up to 70% etc.

Also bicycling, bicycles sharing, lessening use of paper and hazardous materials, recycling increased use and green roofing will be adding in the project. The renewable energy sources of wind and solar will completely cover the roofs and facilitate with 24 hours renewable energy for the building.  Sears Tower transformation will be an encouraging idea for other skyscrapers and definitely a big step making the world a greener place.

How to Build an Eco-friendly House?

By Anny on February 20th, 2013

How to Build an Eco-friendly House?

Acquiring the eco-friendly habits is started from your care and move towards an eco-friendly home and that’s easier when you have an efficiently working machine to build it. This is the first difference between a house and car because you cannot build a car and change it to eco-friendly, while you can do the same with a house. A latest technology eco-friendly car is green because of its body, engine and all the mechanism which has been designed according to green standards.

The same procedure goes out for a green house and all the components should be designed according to green standards, such that it should operate without any harmful effects for the environment. There are several elements which go into building a green standards home and your first decision starts form land plot you select for building of your home.

The development of green house will totally depend on where your house is built and there have been several options to consider. Building a new house should be in an existing community or close to it because sewerage and water connections will be already settled there. Also don’t build an eco-friendly home in environmental sensitive area because abundance of wildlife or ecosystem may create the disturbance. It should be wise starting and think of building the native plants and such species which demand only an occasional watering.

The building material which are required for construction should take little synthetic inside them and they should be sourced responsibly. When building an eco-friendly home, the sustainable sourced wood or locally grown is perfect and also when it works in with the covering structure. A better idea is to bring the material that should be renewable and it should have little impact on our environment. The renewable material doesn’t take hours of processing in factory.

it is important to consider how this building is built too; when hiring lifting equipment like electric hoists or getting machines to mix concrete, make sure they don’t affect the environment or leave their mark on the surrounding ecosystems. How your eco-friendly home construction continuous is also affected by technology, insulation and windows. Look for energy start appliances, windows and lightening equipments for your new house. The walls need to be insulated fully through sustainable material and some people also prefer the use of hay blocks in this building phase and also get low flow toilets and showerhead which will make low consumption of water and also would manage the water efficiently.

Storage tanks can also help deal with water as they will store rain or waste water. Once stored, you can recycle it for your garden or you can use it for heat via solar roof panels. If the house is being built in a warm climate, installing an efficient air-conditioning system will give good ventilation, but only in the rooms when you need it at that particular moment to save electricity. This perfect guide will help you manage the water and energy technology as well as construction of a 100 % green house.

Experience The Belize Ecology with Belize Eco-Tours

By Anny on February 18th, 2013

The dynamic coral reefs, tangled mangrove swamps, dry pine savannas, the lush rainforests and teeming jungles; are all the beautiful views which make Belize a perfect site for Eco-Tourism. Belize is really a true eco-tourism country in New World Topics about enriched species, biologically diverse and natural reserves country.

In different reports, you may read that Belize is producing annual wastes of 350,000 tons from its commercial and domestic establishments and facilities. It means an average individual who is living in Belize is producing 2-3 pounds of solid wastes each day.  And with increasing garbage settlement issue, the illegal dumping has become a serious issue in Belize. However, Belize has not closed the eyes on such environmental and more and more public and educational awareness has been brought forward with partnership of government, universities and corporate organizations to foster the experimental learning in Belize.

The experimental learning will provide opportunities for the people to understand the value of protected and green ecology in this region. The experimental learning of Belize is basically “learning by living” it is to learn about ecology, experiment the nature up close and personal through project-based hands-on, community standards and their improvement through ecology and Eco tourism, the marine ecology, forest ecology and intercultural global ecology learning. It’s about learning and exploring the reefs, rivers, jungles while searching, enjoying, viewing the ecosystems.

The eco-tourism is an experimental learning in Belize, facing our fear of nature and its roots tangled with facts, the connection of our plane through life, water, rocks, forests and learning to live through our means and demand for nature protection. Currently, Belize has been selected as top retirement spot in Forbes magazine and confirmation of this small Caribbean country. It was still kept  as secret, but now the world is coming to know that Belize is a perfect place to spend the holidays beautiful and great charm here, a happy retirement too, told Business Manager of ChaaCreeks.

According to November, 2012 edition of Forbes Magazine, Belize is at the top of 15 top foreign retirement heavens. In its explanation, the photos featured that visiting of overseas is quite different form living there and when you have to retire to a foreign country, you should not only consider the cost of living and climatic effects but also facilities like visa requirements, safety, tax and healthcare plans.

The official language of Belize is English, so it would not be difficult to get into this region. Also, the Belize dollar is pegged to US dollar and conversion rate is now 1 USD= 2 Belize dollars, the money is easy to work here because American dollar is acceptable all around the world. The winter Solstice week of December is perfect time to discover the Belize.  You will experience a rich and different Belize culture and your all stress and tension will be forgotten.

If you love the Winter Eco-Tourism, visiting Belize will be more magical and mysterious. You will be inspired from Maya Culture and old Colombian civilizations and customs here.  The beauty of pristine beaches and blue hole will truly amaze you and in your Belize eco-tour will be included the visit to mysterious temples.  Everyone likes to see how a real Belize is and visiting the Belize is a lifetime experience for couples too.

In Belize, Green blue Hole is one of the most popular attractions, close to the lighthouse Reef. This site has a depth of 410 feet in circular shape and this site has been added to top world scuba diving sites. In was found in early 1900s that Blue Hole was initially a limestone cave.  The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is another top destination for Eco-Tourists in Belize which has been found close to Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker.  This reserve features a quite different species like sharks and stingrays, experiencing the sea grass beds, a coral reef and mangrove forest. In Hol Chan Marine reserve, you will also experience the nurse sharks, snappers, Moray eel’s inhabitants.

In District of Cayo, there is a big rock falls on Mountain Pine Ridge Forest reserve and the top beautiful attraction in Belize.  Big Rock Falls is 150 feet in height and you will also view the popular Privassion River from its top. High Mayan temple is located at Lamanai and provides a nice view of River Lagoon form its top. With your tourists’ guides, you can climb the temple and through template sides, you will experience the view of whole jungle. While crossing the Texas Colorado River, you will experience sites like Austin region near Barton Creek.

In Belize, the Doyle’s Delight is the highest peak of this country which is located in cockscomb range. This peak height is 1,124 meters and eco-tourism here also offers the trekking, rock climbing and hiking. The southern region of Belize is full of natural reserves. The Cockscomb Basin wildlife is spread at an area of 400 kilometers and tourists can enjoy the forests and watersheds at this site. You will also find here the quartzite rock formations and sandstone. Located at the southern area of Belize, the Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve has a length of 32 kilometers and a width of 12 kilometers. At the reserve, tourists can see a lagoon and deep channels. The reserve features 850 pinnacles and patch reefs. At the General Use Zone, people can enjoy different activities like fishing.

The Actun Tunichil Muknal cave is situated near San Ignacio Cayo and one of the best Mayan archeological sites. There are stoneware, skeletons and ceramics inside the cave when you enter. The most artifacts inside the Cave is a skeleton of teenager girl and named here crystal Maiden. ituated at the District of Cayo, the Guanacaste National Park features rare wildlife species like the Jaguarundi, the Kinkajou and the Smoky-brown Woodpecker. Other species at the park are the Red-lored Amazon, the Belted Kingfisher and the Nine-Banded Amarillo. Visiting the tourist spots in the country allows tourists to have a glimpse of the culture of people living in Belize. Moreover, the sites depict the heritage and history of the nation.

WEO Report Sets United States To Be Leader in Energy Production

By Anny on February 16th, 2013

WEO report sets United States to be leader in Energy Production

Unites States will be incoming leader in global world energy production, found by the World Energy Outlook report. United States have aimed to bring more efficiency and high volume energy production through renewable energy sources. According to World Energy Outlook report, US sets to be top oil producer in 2017 and leading production of natural gas will be also in this region. This credit goes to deepwater production and hydraulic fracturing.

In United States, Fracking production and deepwater energy production methods were seen as two disputed methods. In deepwater production method, the oil extracted are drilled through the process of drilling in oceans, while Fracking is a process in which pressurized fluid make the fractures in rock layers. Basically, IEA is a French organization which deals with maintaining of energy security. The world energy outlook report serves to as drawing the latest policy developments and analysis of sights through data delivered in energy trend market security, trends, economic development, environmental protection etc.

Currently, Russia and Saudi Arabia are going ahead of US energy production and it has been calculated and stated in IEA report that 20 percent of energy is imported in United States. Unites will become self-sufficient in energy production till 2035 and that goal will be achieved which was pursued by seven United States presidents. Although 20 percent of energy requirements are fulfilled through imports, still United States is self sufficient in net terms- a mathematical reversal of trend which have been seen in many countries which are importers of the energy.

According to US predictions for 2020, the US imports of oil will be decreased from 10 million to 4 million barrels per day and production of oil will be increased to 11.1 million, while its current production is 8.1 million in 2012. WEO report has revealed that Middle East will suffer from reduced production of oil as compared to their current production level of 11.1 million barrels.  However, United States will be capable to reduce the use of energy imports for its domestic uses and that would be associated with due to federal fuel efficiency standards improvements, told the chief economist, Dr. Faith Birol from IEA.

As for production of Natural gas is concerned, United States would be capable to overtake the Russia in production of natural Gas in next five year. The natural gas production would reach to 675 bcm from 604 bcm production capacity of 2010 by United States. Natural gas production will still increase and reach at limit of 704 bcm in 2010 in US. According to WEO report, the electricity demand will increase in next ten years and India and China will be leading consumers with increase of 70 percent of electricity consumption, while electricity prices will vary across the globe.

By 2035, production of renewable energy sources will increase by 10 percent and similar will be the consumption level, where as hydropower and wind will be the main two key production resources and would be aided with subsidies from government. Use of nuclear energy will decrease up to 10 percent from its current production for world energy demands and major nuclear countries like Japan and Germany will be decrease their dependencies on nuclear energy sources.

NGOs Committed To Rescue Abandoned Lots in Brooklyn

By Anny on February 14th, 2013

NGOs committed to rescue abandoned lots in Brooklyn

A non-profit group has committed to rescue the abandoned lots in Brooklyn, stated in New York Times. While its first anniversary was celebrated a month before, 596 acres of land was found in this countdown which was neglected lands lots in Brooklyn.

This non-profit group has motivated the neighbors of unused land lots currently owned by different agencies and individuals to adopt them as green spaces in urban areas. This firm has also done great achievement through online map of the unused plots and also developed a mobile application about it.

In Big Application Contest, this mobile application won the best award of $ 4,000 as being the most beneficial green application. This 596 acres mobile application gives information about contact numbers and names of agencies who owe the neglected land areas.

This mobile application will inform the individuals or groups who are interested to adopt a nearby unused portion of the land and wish to transform them under the projects. A non-profit group who initially started these services has now expanded the operations beyond Brooklyn and also has added the Queens ad Manhattan under its focus of lands transformation in urban areas.


An unused portions of 596 acres a big thing, a considerable portion of land to be considered. A big problem of urban capes will be solved with sustainable approach of matching up the neglected and identified lots with community clusters. If we don’t consider these 596 acres of unused lots for orphaned spaces in urban areas, we consider how career paths these unused areas would have;

  1. Neglected land areas look more like the rock quarries once they are unused for longer time. Unused building construction materials, broken pieces of concrete and rubber trash, heaps of broken things pile up with time in large quantities and nearby buildings look like eyesores with passage of the time. Unused lands rescue group will transform these quasi rock quarries into galleries, play grounds and film screening views.
  2. Used unused areas in urban centers gather heaps of the rubbish and serve as breeding nurseries for mosquitoes and other harmful germs. Although they are effected in same was for mosquitoes in cities like other places but they remain untreated years after years. These places will be redeemed as green urban lots under these group efforts. Those with the initiative take hold of these places and turn them into green farms, community gardens, and vegetable patches.
  3. Abandoned lots work as magnets for debris and for the first sight, they are piece of the garbage and with passage of time, this unused portion of land will gather rich quantity of trash. This includes decomposing food waste, which might attract flies, rats, and cockroaches. Who hasn’t seen a telltale cloud of flies and insects hovering over one of the many abandoned lots in cities? Instead, these abandoned urban spaces are being cleaned and converted into spaces for dog runs, meeting spaces, and outdoor movie theaters.

Some patches of land will also be comprised after growing of population and new industries in urban areas, but what potential uses we have today with such unused lots in urban cities.

Costa Rica Eco-Tourism and Family Vacations Discounts on Summer Travel

By Anny on February 12th, 2013

Costa Rica Eco-Tourism and family vacations discounts on summer travel

Ecotourism facilities are designed to include existing natural attractions without altering them too much. Costa Rica is the perfect example! In this beautiful country you can experience a very close contact to nature, can count on the widest variety of flora and fauna and the incredible marine biodiversity of the two oceans surrounding Costa Rica – the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

The natural essence particularly of this area is the great nature of Corcovado; Ecotourism here gives you the chance of getting in touch with real life, environment, culture and society. The famous Corcovado National Park is one of the most important and pristine national parks in Costa Rica. National Geographic once described Corcovado as ‘one of the most biologically intense places on earth’.

Costa Rica is an ideal destination for family vacations and such multi generation groups who love to explore the natural sites without spending more and letting their pocket empty after their lovely destinations travel. The ideal and best ecotourism is to minimize the environmental impacts and focus towards preservation of culture and improvement of local communities. The term ecotourism and its scope can be totally summed up in the term “sustainability”. After several years of tourism industry changing and improvement for eco-tourism has led to certification for sustainability in Tourism.

How a hotel or tour operator can demonstrate a difference is by obtaining the Certification for sustainability in Tourism (CST) through Chamber of Commerce, Costa Rica. Ecotourism industry in Costa Rica has been defined without changing the tours and visits to existing attractions and Costa Rica is the perfect example of eco-tourism encouraging country.

In Costa Rica eco-tourism, you will contact to the nature, with large variety of fauna and flora and two merging oceans, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean with their incredible marine biodiversity. There is a long tradition of receiving guests or tourist in Costa Rica with wife open arms. No matter what you are looking for; a rest, adventure, volcanoes, rivers, mountains, beaches or rest of the things, Costa Rica invites you to all the richest natural spreads in this tropical land.

Peaceful nature 

Costa Rica Eco-Tourism and family vacations discounts on summer travel

Costa Rica is dedicated to democracy and peace and one of those modern world countries which abolished its standing army in 1948. Costa Rica is the most stable democratic country in Central America. The President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias Sanchez was award with Nobel Prize only after its thirty nine years of declaration of this country. However, President efforts for peace and promotions have inspired the global readers and how our policies for trees per capita and per square kilometer in Costa Rica is more than else in the world. The Costa Rica is also is the world top tree planting country and also it has focused on more landscapes covering with plantation every year.

Costa Rica would be the first country on this planet as first carbon natural country by 2020. In 2007, Famous vow by Cost Rica government is the first carbon free eco-tourism destination and standard of eco-tourism has been raised since that.

The Pure Life

If there would be a word to promote the beauty of Costa Rica, It would be pure life. This should be national motto of the country, “Pura Vida is a word that identifies a Costa Rican wherever he or she may be. When you visit Costa Rica, a simple and easy to introduce with people is through word “Pura Vida” a word which will introduce you and bring smiles on those people faces. Pura Vida tells about the beauty of their home and culture. The origin of Ecotourism has started from Costa Rica and it is the region which brought success to this tourism category, demanded more from the environmental groups. The people of Costa Rica feel it happy to see hundreds of people visiting their natural sites all the day and explaining their love about their natural sites.

A 51.100 square km country of Costa Rica is indeed small but it has been filled with the natural beauty and attractive wildlife. The natural wealth is here in abundance and this small region has 5 percent of world biodiversity. If we compare this area with United States, there would be more bird species in Costa Rica than whole United States and more species of butterflies than in African continent. It’s the fact whey a small nation has been ranked on the top of eco-tourism sites. In Costa Rica, there are more than 880 birds’ species, 1600 fresh water fish species, 220 species of reptiles and more than 4400 types of butterflies making the environment cheerful with their beauty.

There are several forests with swamp groves, riparian forest, oak tree forests, palm, moors, cloud forests, herbaceous deep ponds, rain forest and mangrove swamps.  In natural attractions and beauty of Costa Rica are included the birds, marine life, beautiful coastal areas and green resorts, protected environmental species, volcanoes, the spring beauty, mountains peaks and sea depths. Here many deep caves are also the point of interest for eco-tourists and explain about history and culture of pre-columbium people. In Costa Rica there have been more than 25 protected zones, 12 biological sites, several wildlife refuges and about 22 national parks.

Costa Rica Government has implemented various sustainable development policies that foster the accurate use of natural resources and is in efforts to preserve the natural richness in this country. There are about 150 wildlife reserves and refugees and 32 national Parks in this country and protection is for all the cloud forests, volcanoes, marine life and many more treasures. What could be better than a boat trip on the beach, intense cold peaks, a day in the sun and discovery underwater, and much more to explore in Costa Rica? To learn more about marine species in Costa Rica, snorkeling is a relaxing and nice way to learn about them.

Experience the beauty of honeycreepers, Toucans, scarlet macaws, green macaws, quetzals and much more. Costa Rica is one of the top bird watching destinations in the hemisphere and has the professional guides to prove it. The hiking options in Costa Rica are as diverse as the terrain. Climb a mountain or trek through a cloud forest…you never know what’ll be around the corner.


Best Eco-Tourism Sites for Winter

By Anny on February 10th, 2013

Change of weather has directly affected the tourists’ spots and winter tourism is more enjoying when you love the snowfalls, sliding and bearing a fierce weather as tourist. To be an eco-tourist, summer is not enough for visits, but an addition of autumn and winter will also add to view beautiful sites around the world. The eastern countries are the best spots for winter season because there is no -40 Centigrade temperature and snowfall. The Asian Eco-tourist sites are still unmatched and uncovered for the winter tourists.

Travelers have started to plan their winter vacations with the change of seasons from summer to autumn. So this season where should you picture yourself? There are many brilliant sunsets and warm sandy areas still ready for the winter quest and here we will discuss in detail about ecotourism adventurous places, including India, Patagonia, Indonesia, China, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Here a blend of unique culture, natural sites and active soft adventures like bicycling, elephant back treks, rafting, kayaking and hiking are best ones to enjoy. You will love the meaningful educational lectures about incredible wildlife and history of these countries. We have selected the top seven winter ecotourism destinations and categorizing them on the basis of weather and adventures at each site.

South Africa

Although African history is too interesting and African tourism have been promoted highly around the world, still many sites in this country are uncovered for the tourists to explore. It would be right to say if we call South Africa the wildlife and natural scenes king, where true nature exhibits its beauty and fear all together. How you would experience the Victoria Falls and South Africa- atop a majestic elephant, on foot during easy scenic tour of hiking or through riding on the bicycle in Winelands? There are two tours which have been promoted by tourism promoting companies here. In 13 days new South Africa tour, the easy bushwalks at sabi sand game reserves and spectacular game drives are included. In 10-day Cape Town to Kruger tour, you will also get the spectacular game drives and bushwalks at Sabi Sand Game reserve too.

The Sabi reserves are the top private game reserves and they promote the highest game destiny in South Africa. The Africa Big five will been seen by most of the travelers here, Marvel as your game drives take you near giraffe, rhino, leopard, cheetah, lion, elephant and many birds and animals.


Burma/Myanmar has preserved its religious values and rich culture to extreme value as compared to its surrounding countries, although Burma is long isolated from outside world. Eco-tourists are here enchanted by monasteries, pagodas, temples and also enthralled by people of the Myanmar, whose smile is still unaffected from western style and they are quick to smile. There are different winter tourism packages for Myanmar and in this tour, you will get a brief lecture about Myanmar culture, natural sites and resorts while your stay in Bangkok before heading to Yangon. Yangon is a center of unique and incomparable Shwedagon pagoda. In your adventure, there is added the rainfall forests, temples and historical places, cruising by villages on stilts, floating markets of Inle lake hot air ballooning over the old kingdom of Bagan during evening.

The country of Vietnam is towards peaks of economic growth and success after its government established the tourism standards and peace, regulations and use of talent for renewable energy sources. At one side of the picture, you will see the farming and agriculture growth in this country and on the other side are those emerging skylines and latest amenities. You will also experience the traditional cultural of riding on baffles, traveling on old wooden yachts, fishing, green orchard fruits, sowing of rice seeds. Your suitcase will be filled with artifacts when you will return home from Vietnam.


what do you think about South Asia when we are here talking about Eco-tourism destinations for this winter? Do you think a rich culture, beautiful beaches, living heart peoples would add to your tourism value? Yeah!! Let’s start towards India. The Indian culture and adventures are so astonishing that one would never like to go back after being in this country for tourism. Getting through Buddhist monk sites, tracking the Royal Bengal Tiger, came back ride while crossing through Thar deserts or different monuments and historical sites which have been unique all around the world in this South Asian country.

When you think of India do you imagine cultures and adventures so distinct as to be truly astounding? Tracking a Royal Bengal Tiger, quietly observing as a Buddhist monk sits in the lotus position outside a mountaintop temple, or embarking on an exotic camel trek to the picturesque dunes and villages of the Thar Desert, NEI’s four unique ecotourism adventures are unforgettable. Ranging from 15 to 22 days in length, Best of South India, Best of North and South India, India and Nepal and Best of North India offer a variety of soft adventure excursions, meaningful cultural experiences, a choice of lecture topics not to mention first class accommodations.


Torres del Paine national park of Patagonia is famous all round the Chile because of lovely lakes, fauna, massive glaciers, speculator pink granite mountains and cascades. A fourteen days tour to Chile will let you enjoy the Patagonian wilderness, horseback riding, boating, hiking and visiting an upscale lodge every night. You will also be added to volunteer for a Santiago community service project if you agree to it.


The everlasting winter eco-tourism experience in Australia usually involves unconventional activities in sublime settings. Through a two weeks tour to Australia for winter eco-tourists, you will enjoy the top Australian destinations, plus adventures experience, culture, wildlife – most of which take place in more remote locations. The tour sites are changed and customized according to customers’ choices and always enhanced with enriched experience of Australia.

New Zealand
The blue beauty, New Zealand is a place of unparallel natural beauty and startling contrasts. New Zealand has been told as the most beautiful country on the earth by a writer, James Michener. The thermal geysers, massive glaciers contrasts with lush green farm lands, majestic fjords are the top things you will experience in your ecotourism to New Zealand.  New Zealand is home to many unique species of plants, birds, and mammals. The New Zealand travel and tourism packages offer a 14-days ecotourism around the islands country with full of natural attractions. Climbing, hiking, national wildlife parks, rainforest, beaches, urban life and beautiful sunny sand areas.