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Archive for May, 2013

Indigenous-Exclusive Store for organic clothing

By Anny on May 31st, 2013

Indigenous isa one-stop shop for all organic, eco-friendly and fair trade fashion ranges. It has a complete range of clothing for men, women specially crafted by skilled artisansacross the globe.  Their aim is to preserve and encouragethe age old skills of local artisans and provide a fair trade platform for them to sell theirproducts. It also encourages natural and organic materials and dyes with an equal mission emphasis on people as well as the planet

Indigenous-Exclusive Store for organic clothing

Its founders Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds have been in the business since 1994 and have been using a whole lot of organic fibers such as organic cotton, Merino wool, silk and Alpaca, with the silk obtained from a safe extraction process that doesn’t harm the silkworm. They use natural dyes which are free from chemical toxins and pollution linked manufacturing processes. All their yarns and dyeing processes are compliant with Global Organic Textile standards (GOTS) and they ensure that all their associated mills are run and managed in an environmentally safe manner.

Indigenous is located in Santa Rosa California. You can purchasetheir products from their online store at the below link and can also check their latest collections.


The store offers a whole lot of vibrant clothing for men and women apart from a separate category for products on sale or for new additions.  You can also purchase accessories such as scarves and can also look for their gift choices. They also offer free shipping for all online orders by FedEx ground. Women can choose from cardigans, sweaters, dresses, tees, blouses and many more.  Men can choose from a whole lot of shirts and sweaters in various colors and size.  This s one store you need to check out if you are looking for some amazing designs usingsustainable materials.

Eco Health and Beauty – World’s first organic perfume range

By Anny on May 29th, 2013

Eco Health and beauty is the world’s first Eco-Friendly line of fragrances and comes in a 100% alcohol free formulation that is safe for you as well as for the environment. Use of natural ingredients in manufacturing perfumes ensures that you get the natural scent of some the world’s most alluring fragrances without any cosmetic chemicals.  For all of you brand loyal readers who swear by their choice, you can also send them your favorite perfume and they would prepare that without any chemicals or alcohol. This site lists a whole lot of popular brands which have been remade in an organic way so that users can still continue getting the same fragrancealbeit in an eco-friendly way.

Eco Health and Beauty – World’s first organic perfume range

Many of the perfumes and deodorants that we use contain a host of chemicals which are primarily used to dissolve the mixture and spread it when sprayed. These include acetone, benzaldehyde, ethanol etc which are deemed to be very harmfuleven in low dilutions. Most of such compoundsare derived from petroleum and are potential toxins.  It is also reported that people with inherent sinusitis are mostly effected by such compounds as they irritate the mucous membrane. Since we use them in a regular basis and in close contact with the skin, the exposure is very high and causes healthimplications in the long run.

They range also uses natural product which are proved to be harmless and does not include certain organic sources  which have been reported to affect our health. Also, they pack their perfumes in aaluminum bottle which allows the fragrance to stay fresh without degrading. Eco Health and beauty  also have a special offer where you can send in your DNA to be added in a special perfume and can use it as a signature perfume. For more on this particular program, access their special

You can purchase online from their website at the below link and can also buy a gift certificate. The company is based in Beverly Hills California.


FR360-An Eco-Friendly and Versatile Travel Gadget

By Anny on May 27th, 2013

We have seen solar powered outdoor gadgets which can serve multiple purposes such as cooking, charging your accessories and also for listening music. However, the FR360 is one gadget that can work both on solar power and can also be powered by a hand crank. In case you choose to, it can also be powered by 3 AAA batteries and also by an external adaptor. This unique gadget contains a built-in radio, access to the NOAA weather band, a powerful torch, a LED flasher and also an USB phone charger. This ensures that you always stay connected and with a handy flashlight and access to your local radio while you’re traveling. The feature to charge by a had crank is especially useful when your caught in a bad weather or in case of power outages.

FR360-An Eco-Friendly and Versatile Travel Gadget

The Radio is supports AM (520-1710 KHz)  and FM(87-108 MHz).It can play all the local weather band channels along with weather alerts. The torch is powered by 4 LED’s and also included is a flashing red LED light. A telescopic antenna helps you stay connected in all areas. You can charge your phones and other electronic accessories which arepowered by an USB source by using the USB power output given by the device. Also included is an alarm clock and headphone jack. The FR360 is your perfect travel accessory with a whole range of features that usually require multiple gadgets.

The device is recommended to be fully charged while you are on the move, and in case it doesn’t recharge due to lack of solar light-you can use the crank to generate the power. Its weighs 453 gms and has a dimension of 6.25“-6.5“-2.75“.

The gadget is a special edition Red Cross product and $0.49 to $1.00 from each sale would be contributed to the American Red Cross society. You can buy the FR360 from the below link, or can also purchase it from Amazon and Best Buy.


Just Soap -The Pedal Powered Natural Soap

By Anny on May 25th, 2013

Just Soap is pure soap-free from any cosmetic chemicals and toxins which are harmful for your health.  Soaps and bod lotions come in direct contact with the skin for an extended period of time and this makes your exposure to harmful chemicals all the more higher.  The used water contains all of these chemicals which are often let out into the environment. This brand of pure soap is 100% organic and is completely eco-friendly-making it safe for your skin and also for the environment.  Another unique feature in the manufacturing process which needs to be emphasized is that the makers blend it by bicycle-as blending is a time-consuming process which requires a lot of power. A special device which is driven by a pair of pedals rotates the blenders to create the soap.

Just Soap -The Pedal Powered Natural Soap

The soap contains the purest of olive oil, coconut and palm oils and special herbal ingredients inaunique formulation that gives you the very best of nature. Individual soap bars are cut in a wooden press and are cured for almost two months to allow the ingredients to settle down completely. The soap is mild and is contains natural moisturizers. It conveniently pricedwithout the often heavy pricing associated with eco-friendly products that we often come across.  The bars are made from natural glycerin and do not use any chemical hardeners. They are also never tested on animals but should be used with care in people with sensitive skins. You get to choose from different fragrances such as Lavender, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Sage, Lemon peppermint and a special Almond cornmeal extract along with a special formulation for gentler skin types. They also have a collection of salves as well as lip balm apart from a cool range of organic Tees made from bearing their brand.

You can also check out a shampoo bar which is made from almond, jojoba and castor oil extract.  Their range is certified by Bay State Organic certifiers which stand as a testimony to its pure ingredients.

You can buy them online at their website by accessing the below link. They are located in Ashfield Massachusetts.

Nature Bag from JungleVine Cord

By Anny on May 23rd, 2013

Nature Bag is a multi-purpose tote bag made from JungleVine cord obtained from Laos in Vietnam. Its crafted by an ethnic minority in one of the poorest regions of South Asiaand the project is funded by a group comprising of veteran disabled Americans. Bags made from the cord where originally used by the Khmu indigenous tribe to carry their essentials and while hunting. This should give you a fair idea of how rugged the bag would be.

Nature Bag from JungleVine Cord

The JungleVine fiber has been used since ages as skin conditioning cloth and is said to have a healing effect on pores, wrinkles etc. It very strong ad lightweight and is dirt and stain resistant. The fabric maintains its strength and shape even after prolonged usage and exposure to damp environments. It’s quite suitable for making a heavy duty and attractive tote bag. The site also sells the JungleVine cord as a fabric so that you can try using it in your designs. The fabric is priced at $1.00 and contains a unit of cloth no lesser then 7 grams and 10 cms in length.

The bag comes in various shapes and sizes along with many attractive design patterns. It’s a perfect alternative to plastic bags as the material is derived from a natural source and is bio-degradable. It also provides a livelihood to the economically deprived community where most of the people are into this craft. The range is priced from $15 to $75, depending on the pattern and size.

The bag can be purchased from their website at the bellow link. You can also use the store locator link in their website to locate a retailer near you.  It’s sold in USA, Italy, Canada, Thailand, Singapore and France. We also suggest apparel and accessory designers to check out their fabric sample to see if it can be used for making accessories for our daily life.


Only Natural Pet store-Organic and Holistic products for your pets

By Anny on May 21st, 2013

Only Natural Pet store was established in 2004 in Colorado and is an online store dedicated to natural pet product, organic foods and holistic remedies for pets.  It offers natural supplements and flea control products, as well as a whole range of pet accessories designedto be safe for your pet as well as the environment without any cosmetic ingredientsand additives. Pet accessories are made from eco-friendly products and green manufactures.  They use carbonneutral shipping and have a 100% wind powered manufacturing faculty using recycled paper for packaging.

Only Natural Pet store-Organic and Holistic products for your pets

A dedicated support team which can be contactedboth by email and phone allows you in selecting the right kind of a product for your specific need.  The site also has a large collection of articles in their Holistic Healthcare library section. You can also ask a question totheir online veterinary board of advisors.

Their main range of products include flea and tick products, food and nutritional supplements, treats and chews as well as holistic health care products. You can also shop by a heath category and can choose from aromatherapy oils, flower essences, herbal remedies for various medical conditions for cats and dogs.

The site offers free shipping on orders above $69 on a select range of product purchased from their website. You can also choose the product to be automatically delivered to your address at a choice of intervals. This enables you to make a one-time selection on periodic purchases such as food and grooming products, and they would be delivered as per the frequency you select. Not only does this save time, but you also qualify for a special discount on their products.

For more information on this exciting range of organic and holistic pet products and nutritional supplements, please access their website at

West Paw Design- Eco-Friendly Toys, Furnishings and Apparel for pets

By Anny on May 19th, 2013

West Paw designs has an awesome range of pet toys, apparel and furnishings in a eco-friendly range of products which have been certified by Oko-Tex Standard 100 after being tested for harmful ingredients. They are safe for your pets as well as for the environment. The furnishings and apparel range are made mainly with Inteliloft® which is made from recycled plastic and other sustainable materials in eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

West Paw Design- Eco-Friendly Toys, Furnishings  and Apparel for pets

Their amazing range of very strong pet toys is made with Zogoflex- a 100% recyclable material that is very durable. They credit their range to last for a lifetime and if doesn’t-a free one-time replacement is offered. West paw designs also uses organic and reclaimed cotton, along with US grown catnip for their cat products. Do also check out a latest range of dog beds made from hemp.

You can buy different varieties of toys for your dog’s such as chews, unstuffed toys as well as a rugged range of toys for the tougher ones. Also available are a range of beds, mats, sweaters as well as seasonal dog toys. Cat lovers can choose from interactive and catnip toys and many more. There are also cat beds and mats as well as seasonal gifts. The site also has a collection of blankets, Tees and tote bags for pet owners.

You can view all of their collection and can also purchase online from their website. The site also enables you to search for a retailer in USA and Canada. They are based in Montana.


Eco-Friendly Pet Products from Olive Green Dog

By Anny on May 17th, 2013

Pets need a whole lot of personal care products like soaps and shampoos to make them stay clean and healthy. But unlike we humans who can understand the toxic effects of a substance and choose a better alternative, pets do not have the choice. Hence, it’s of utmost importance that we choose safe and sustainable products for pets which would not harm them in the long run.

Common chemical ingredients which are often found in personal care products are also used in products for pets, albeit in a higher dilutions.  These includes artificial detergents, perfumes, propylene glycol, laurylsulphates  and many more which do come with associatedhealth concerns.  Let’s take a look at a safe and eco-friendly range of pet products from

Eco-Friendly Pet Products from Olive Green Dog

The site has collection of Shampoos, conditioners and gels and lotions for cleaning Ears, paws, eyes and nose of your dog. All of them are made from certified organic products in an eco-friendly process and contain well-known and tested natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, Avacado, Oatmeal, neem and many more. These ingredients ensure that your pet receives a healthy and organic care without any cosmetic chemicals and toxic ingredients.  Their manufacturing practice also eliminates any chance of wastage and inherent pollution and is packed using low impact packaging using recycled boxes and biodegradable packing peanuts. This ensures that your product is safe for the environment as well as for your furry companion.

Eco-Friendly Pet Products from Olive Green Dog


While browsing the site we also came across a whole range of pet accessories ranging from toys, blankets, treats and chews, clothing, collars and many more common pet items that you would periodically need for your pet dog. They also have a special section on dog foods featuring some of the topmost brands.  The site also has a section especially for cats. This is one store where you can buy all your pet supplies with a complete assurance on the organic quality of its products. The online site is active since 2008 and is operates from Texas.  It’s a member of Organic trade association and green America.

Voltaic Solar Backpack

By Anny on May 15th, 2013

Solar chargers are generally designed  to be placed in a fixed location, or need to be attached to a mount. This might not be suitable in cases where you are in the move, as in while trekking or camping. You might also not find it feasible to carry a solar gadget along with your regular gear. Here’s a solution for such situations-in the form of a solar paneled bag which can be used to store your gear and also to generate power from exposure to the sun.

Voltaic Solar Backpack

The solar panel is affixed to a rugged backpack which can be slung over your back. The bag is quite spacious and has a dimension of 1500 cubic inches. It can be used to carry and charge iPad’s, mobile phones, PDA’s, gaming devices, cameras and many more. The internal battery is made of Lithium Polymer and gives an output of 5.5 V&900Ma. It gets fully charged in 7 hours and can also be charged from an USB source or an AC power supply.

The panel is made of two 2 watt monocrystalline solar panels for an output of 4 W with 6-12 V.

The handy backpack weighs around 2000 gms (4.5 lbs) and has the dimensions of 18″ height,  16″width and  8″ in depth. The wire channels are placed all over the inside of the bag giving you a greater flexibility in charging your devices. A phone pouch attached to the shoulder strap can hold your phone while it’s being charged. The device also has an LED indicator indicating the solar charge. It’s made of recycled PET and is waterproof and UV resistant. You can choose from silver, charcoal and orange colors for the solar panel.

The Voltaic solar backpack comes with a warranty of 2 years. It’s priced at $289 and can be purchased from the below link. The gadget comes with a universal battery pack, 9 different USB tips including the micro and mini tips.

Southwest Windpower Air 30 Residential Wind Turbine

By Anny on May 13th, 2013

The Southwest Windpower Air 30 Residential Wind Turbine is an awesome gadget that converts the wind energy into an electric current. It can be used in your home as well as in outdoor cabins, farms etc. Unlike regular wind turbines, the rugged gadget doesn’t make much noise and uses a microprocessor regulation technology that monitors the fan speed and optimizes the power output. The gadget can supply a maximum power of 400 watts at standard winds having a speed of 28mph and requires just a small breeze of 8mph for it to start. It’sdesigned to withstand powerful winds till a speed of 110mph.  The gadget comes in 3variants each supplying an output of 12, 24, and 48 Volts (DC).

Southwest Windpower Air 30 Residential Wind Turbine


The Air 30 turbine comes with a built-in charge regulator that periodically checks the battery voltage and if it’s full, the power generation is switched off. This saves the internal battery from being over charged and the power generation is again activated once the voltage falls below a threshold level.

The internal microprocessor also controls the speed of the blades and automatically slows them down in case of a charging wind. This prevents the circuit from getting damaged die to high speed winds and also reduces thenoise from the gadget.

A special marine paint and powder coated surface helps the gadget endure the toughest of weather conditions including storms and heavy rain.

The rotor with carbon fiber blades has a diameter of 46 inches and the mount is 1.5” schedule 40 pipe. The body is made from aircraft quality aluminum casts.

The Southwest Wind powerAir 30 Residential Wind Turbine comes with a 5 year warranty and is priced at $899.99. It’s quite useful to have an alternate source of energy for your home or cabin.