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Archive for August, 2014

Top 10 most useful Eco Gadgets available today

By admin on August 12th, 2014

Are there any useful eco gadgets available today? A million dollar question! Eco gadgets as all of us are aware, are environment friendly and save us a lot in terms of energy bills and conservation. With the threat of global warming looming large, it is wise to shift to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, without a doubt. In this piece, we have analyzed the presently available gadgets and tried to showcase the more useful ones. In fact, there are many more of such gadgets across the globe, however, not many suit our present lifestyles. Check out his list and find out how you can substitute the presently used energy-gobbling products at your home or office.

1. Water Powered Can Clock : Manufactured by H2O Power, this can shaped clock is powered solely by water and incorporates the latest long-life hydro-power technology.

Although, the device looks a little weird, consider the possibilities of its uniqueness sitting in your drawing room. Actually, it is quite stylish the clock itself has a high contrast display.

Water Powered Can Clock


The Solar Velomobile

By admin on August 7th, 2014

After the hullabaloo about conserving energy and hybrid cars and a lot of bull…, this velomobile seems to be the only better alternative to moving around without burning a hole in the pocket.

It has a solar-panelled roof that can power this babe up to 45 miles and runs on a 600W electric motor. So, no gases, no hydrocarbons and no toxic waste..! Additionally, if the rider is young and can pedal, the pedalling power, converted to kinetic energy, can take this babe across the 100 mile marker. However, the pedalling has to be simultaneous along with the running electric motor. The maximum speed on just the motor is 20mph and with pedalling, it could go up to 30mph. The transmission on this piece of magic is intelligent enough to synchronise your pedalling with the motor.

Don’t judge by its size or fragile looks. This environmental friendly vehicle is made with aluminium [grade used to manufacture aircrafts] mounted on stainless steel chassis and highly durable carbon-fibre body. The LED lights and indictors are strong enough to signal afar.

The steering is very similar to a bicycle and this one comes with rear disc-brakes. Although small to look at, anyone who is 5’ to 7’ tall can ride this with ease.

The recharge is quite quick, either 7 hours in sunlight or 2 ½ hours through direct AC charger provided.

Classified as a bicycle, there are almost no legal paperwork or license requirements. The dimensions are quite small – 105” L X 48” W X 60” H and weighs only 150 pounds.

Priced at around USD 10,000, this is a steal for middle aged and the seniors to get around with ease and no maintenance.