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YoGen Hand-Powered Portable Gadget Charger

YoGen Range

It was about a year ago when I reported on the YoGen Max, which is as foot-powered laptop charger. However, Easy Energy are at it again with their YoGen Hand-Powered Gadget Charger. The YoGen charger charges virtually any mobile gadget by using a draw and release mechanism.

YoGen Charger Clear

You can think of the draw and release mechanism a little like that you see on childrens’ toys. You draw the string away from the charger and then let it go. As the string winds back into the charger it drives an internal generator, which is then used to charge up your various portable gadgets, such as MP3 players, phones, cameras, GPS navigators, and more.

YoGen Side Profile

You only need a few minutes of pull and release to charge your gadgets. The YoGen charger comes with a master cable with changeable connection tips, such as mini-USB, Nokia charger tips, LG charger tips, Sony Ericsson charger tips, and of course the Apple connector. Surprisingly, the YoGen only measures 55 mm in width, 90 mm in length and 23 mm in thickness, weighing only 100g!

The units are available for $39.99 (USD) each in the US, and the YoGen chargers are also available in the UK for £29.95 from Mobile Fun.

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