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INR Testing Machine: How to Buy the Best Testing Accessories for Home-Usage!

Patients who are struggling with heart ailments or considering mechanical heart valve replacements need to monitor their INR levels to prevent factors including blood clotting, bleeding, or sudden stroke. Hence, INR testing machines are easily available in the market and becoming more and more affordable for patients to check their level from the comforts of their homes.

INR is a laboratory measurement used to determine the impacts of oral anticoagulants (warfarin) on the body’s clotting system. Warfarin is a kind of anticoagulant or a substance that resides in blood clot formation, which can be taken in tablet form. It further works by reducing the ability of several clotting factors to form a blood clot. Therefore, it is important to use easy-to-use and tested equipment to regularly measure and monitor the INR level to administer the correct warfarin dose in the body. Frequent monitoring helps in balancing the risk of excessive bleeding against the potential risk of thrombosis or clotting.

Various INR testing machines are available to allow accurate and easy-to-use measurement to monitor warfarin levels at frequent intervals. It is recommended to buy the devices from recognized brands as their products are likely to deliver higher performances and are trusted greatly by patients across the globe. The following are the prominent machines from the popular companies. Lets’ know what makes them high in demand;

Alere’s INRatio System:
Alere has the INRatio2 PT/INR monitoring system for POCT or PST. Run-on battery power, the equipment requires a 5µL drop of blood and generates results in 60 seconds. Each strip comes with quality control, is wrapped, and runs a high and low range of 7. For PST, patients are given a 24/7 number to phone in results or check their results online. The equipment also offers Standing Stone Software that faxes results to physicians and provides a Web-based population of results. The software can be customized as per the needs of patients.

Philips INR Self-Testing Service:
Philips doesn't need an introduction to medical equipment as it offers the finest INR machine for patients. The company has software that takes the device to another level. It has a three-component model that supports patient in-home and clinic staff training by trained technicians. The device includes technical support and software for physician interpretation of results. In addition, the service allows patients to get a meter, additional strips without any extra cost.

Roche’s CoaguChek XS System for Patient Self-Testing:
The new Roche system can provide results in the range of 0.8 to 8 and only requires an 8 µL drop of blood. Patients can get results through a Web-based platform with tutorials stating everything to conduct the test and yield the result within a few times. The online system also allows patients to update their information while handling health insurance and more. It gives a real-time service and offers the most accurate performance for patients.

Wrap Up:
INR testing machines are the most effective and accurate equipment to monitor INR levels in the body. However, while buying the best ones, patients must seek recommendations, especially from their doctors, and do thorough research to know the pros and cons of each variant available in the market. It is always best to buy machines that give instant results with absolute exactness. BRowser carefully and find the most suitable machine for your needs.