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What is Calor Gas Heater Argos? - Types, Working, Features, and Buying Tips

Gas heaters have been around for a long time and are still the most popular type of heating in many homes. The Calor Gas Heater is the most popular type of gas heater in the UK, and it's also one of the most economical ways to stay warm. As a natural gas-fired appliance, you don't even have to turn your central heating on - switch on your Calor Gas Heater Homebase; it will make your room warm and cozy.

In this article, we will discuss benefits and information about buying tips for Calor Gas Heaters Argos.

Calor Gas Heater Types

There are three main types of Carlos Gas Heaters: The Conventional, Condensing, and System Boiler. The type you choose will depend on your home's needs and what you're looking for in a gas heater.

Conventional Gas Heater: This is the most popular type of Carlos Gas Heater For Home that heats the water that flows through your central heating system, which then warms the house.

Conventional Portable Calor gas heaters Homebase is available in both combi and system boiler variants. A combi gas heater heats the water for your central heating and provides hot water on demand, while a system boiler is designed to provide hot water only.

Condensing Gas Heater: The condensing gas heater is more efficient than the conventional model, as it captures waste heat and uses it to preheat the water. It's more expensive to run but is an excellent choice for homes with low hot-water usage and large radiators that need heating all year round.

System Boiler Gas Heater: This is the most efficient type of Calor Gas Heater Homebase on the market today, as it condenses both gas and oil emissions into one appliance. It's best suited to large homes with multiple bathrooms and high demand for hot water.

Features to Consider for Calor Gas Heater

Before choosing a Calor Gas Heater, you should consider the following:

Fuel Type: There are three main types of fuel used in Carlos Gas Heaters from Argos: LPG (liquid petroleum gas), natural, and propane. The most popular type is LPG, which can also be stored for longer periods than either natural or propane. This means you don't have to worry about running out of fuel if there's a power cut.

Output: The higher the output of your gas heater, the faster it will heat your home. Make sure you choose one with enough power to heat your entire property. Wickes Calor gas heaters and Wilko Halogen Heaters are worth considering in terms of higher output.

Heat Settings: Many Portable Homebase gas heaters come with a range of different heat settings, including a boost mode to use when you need extra warmth. If your home is large, consider a model with higher temperatures, so the heat reaches every corner of it more quickly.

Comfort Settings: Many models have comfort settings that let you adjust how warm or hot the room feels. This lets you choose what works best for your family and can save money on your energy bills.

Efficiency: The higher the efficiency of your gas heater, the more heat it will produce for each unit of fuel used. This can save your energy bills in the long run.

Remote Control: A remote control lets you adjust all the settings on your gas heater without having to get up from the sofa or leave your bed.

Safety Features: Safety features such as the flame failure safety device reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fires when you're using a gas heater in an enclosed space, so it's important to look for models with these capabilities.

Fuel Efficiency Rating (FER): This is a score given by the manufacturer to a gas heater to show how energy-efficient it is. The higher the FER, the more money you can save on your energy bills.

Warranty: Most gas heaters come with a warranty of between one and five years, so make sure you choose one that has a long enough warranty for your needs.


The Calor Gas Heaters from Argos are great heating solutions when the cold weather sets in. It's easy to install, low-cost and reliable. This heater can be used across different areas of your home, including kitchens, bathrooms, garages, or even outbuildings! You won't have to worry about using up all your energy with this efficient gas heater that you will love for years to come.