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HP Printers Using 302 Ink - Usage, Benefits, and Buying Tips

The HP printer is one of the top-rated printers in the market. It offers a diverse variety of products for all sorts of people and their printing needs. Whether you are looking for a personal or business printer, there is an HP that will suit your need. When paying for your new printer, do you know what to look out for? There are many different types of HP ink cartridges available on the market today, including 302 ink cartridges. 

This article breaks down the differences between these different types to make an informed decision about which type would be best suited to your needs.

What Are HP 302 Ink Cartridges?

HP's 302 ink cartridges are very cost-effective and available in many colors. The main difference between the HP 302 cartridge and other cartridges is that it is made up of one piece. In contrast, most ink cartridges have multiple components, including a print head which can become clogged over time, leading to decreased performance. The 302 ink cartridge is also non-refillable, meaning that it must be replaced once the ink runs out.

How is HP 302 Ink Cartridge different than HP 304 Ink Cartridge?

Both 302 and HP 304 Ink Cartridges come in similar form factors and have identical features. But, they have some interesting differences, and they are -

302 ink cartridge has more page yield than 304 ink cartridge. It has a page yield of 190 pages, whereas 304 ink has a page yield of 120 pages.

Both ink cartridges have different compatibility with printers.

The last difference between the two cartridges is that 302 ink cartridges have a better color gamut than 304 ink cartridges.

Things To Consider While Purchasing HP Printers Using 302 Ink Cartridges

HP manufactures some of the best-performing printers in the market. These printers perform even better when they use HP's indigenous ink cartridges. The 302 ink cartridge is a cost-effective but better-performing ink that increases a printer’s printing performance and quality. But you should always consider some important points while purchasing HP printers that use 302 ink cartridges and those points are -

Operational Cost

When you are purchasing a printer, always consider the cost of replacement ink cartridges and how much they will add to your running costs on an annual basis. HP 364 ink Cartridge Printers also have a low running cost. 

Print Speed

Another important factor to consider is the HP Printer print speed. Printers that use 302 ink cartridges may have a lower print speed than printers that use other types of ink cartridges due to their design and construction. You can also opt for the Cheap Printers from Tesco that can print for up to 18 pages. 


Ensure that the printer you are purchasing is compatible with the type of ink cartridge you plan to use. Not all printers are compatible with every type of ink cartridge. 


This buying guide will help you understand HP's 302 ink cartridge and its benefits. It is a cost-effective and reliable option for an affordable but high-quality printing solution. It is important to consider the operational cost, print speed, and compatibility of a printer before purchasing. Consider the important points mentioned in this article while purchasing HP printers that use 302 ink cartridges.