10 Best Outdoor Plug Sockets Waterproof for 2023

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Updated On Jun 2023

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Buying Guidance For Outdoor Plug Sockets Waterproof

You may want to use a plug socket in your garden, sport court, decks, and lawns. For such outdoor uses of plug sockets, it is better to prefer that it is made to be water-resistant. It protects the socket even when raining and prevents electric accidents like circuits.

Advantages of choosing an outdoor waterproof plug socket

Avoids the use of extension cords: When you want the electricity to pass for a far distance, then the extension is the only option. If you think so, then it's right unless you have a plug socket. Plugging your requirements within less distance is safe while it saves time and energy. You can carry on with your activities during that outdoor occasion fearlessly as there will be no tripping over with extension cords and added wires. Outdoor electricity with a waterproof plug socket is the safest option as you don't need the extension cords anymore.
Little more outdoor fun: Having a backyard picnic with family and friends takes some safe and secure arrangements. It includes some music, lighting, and electric cooking facilities too. If you want to use a mini-fridge, electric grill, stereo, or festive lights, then it is all doable under safe circumstances. So, fixing an outdoor waterproof socket is workable. Preferring water-resistant sockets for outdoor use is never a problem as you can plug in connectors and cables fearlessly during problematic weather conditions. 
Easy to maintain the yards: If you want a light facility in yards, then it is a safe thing to do with outdoor plug sockets, which are water-resistant. There will be no interruption when there is an imbalance due to rain or humidity. You can prevent experiencing the sudden power cutoffs to some extent as the socket is waterproof.

Essential Information to Know Before You Buy Outdoor Plug Sockets Waterproof

The most important factor to be taken into consideration while selecting a waterproof socket is IP classification. It is an individual protection degree for electrical devices and appliances. Look for these IP degrees to determine if the waterproof socket for outdoor use is reliable and suitable. IP44 is said to protect foreign particles from entering the socket, and it offers protection from water splashing. At the same time, an IP45 has the similar capability of providing protection against foreign particles that are greater than 1 mm and safeguards the socket against water jet spraying. IP55 and IP66 have better protection against dust and water splashing. It is always recommended to install an outdoor waterproof socket with a higher protection degree.

Outdoor plug socket waterproof is a basic feature in modern houses. If you are planning to get a socket installed, then know the features that make a difference, and buying guidance is important before choosing one.