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Automotive Eco Gadgets

Tandem Electric Bicycle

This can provide you with a unique riding experience. The tandem bicycle allows two to ride together (great for couples) while having all the advantages of an electric bicycle, hills and headwinds are no longer an issue with the motor [...]

Eco Navigator – Satellite Navigation with Diagnostics & Eco Driving

The is a Satellite Navigation system that additionally offers diagnostics of the car and of its performance, helping you to visually see how changing your driving can improve your fuel use. The system can show you the most energy efficient [...]

Save Fuel with a Digital Tyre Compressor

This allows you to inflate your tyres to the correct pressure quickly and easily. The compressor can be used anywhere to ensure your car is working as energy efficiently as possible, helping you to save money and reduce your carbon [...]

Easy-Peasy Pressure Alert Tyre Gauge

The helps you to ensure that your tires have the correct air pressure. By checking your tyres regularly and keeping the air pressure at the correct levels you will prolong the life of the tyres and be more fuel efficient. [...]

WindJet – Wind Powered Electric Hybrid Vehicle Concept

WindJet is a fascinating concept for a hybrid car with a difference. The vehicle would be powered by electricity and its battery would be able to charge through wind power while the vehicle is in motion, helping to make it [...]

Oxygen Bar N368 – Solar Powered Car Air Purifier

The designed for use in a car to help keep your car free from built up smells and germs. The purifier uses a solar panel to provide the electricity, helping to ensure it will work when needed most without draining [...]