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Automotive Eco Gadgets

Spencer Ivy Electric Bicycles

Spencer Ivy create high quality electric bicycles that appeal to all, from hectic commuters to busy mums. The electric motor assists you as you peddle to provide a more constant speed no matter what the terrain. With the electric bike [...]

Garmin ecoRoute – Fuel Efficiency Software

is a piece of software for sat nav systems that has been created to help encourage fuel efficiency. The software can be used to allow you to take the most fuel efficient route for a journey and track your mileage [...]

G-Bike – Electric Bike

G-Bike are a maker of electric bikes, the bikes can be both peddled or powered by an electric motor to give your journey a boost. Designed to appeal to commuters for urban transportation the electric bikes allow you to cycle [...]

Solar-Powered Car Cooler Fan

The is a ventilator to help cool your car on a hot day. The vent unit is designed to be secured onto the top of a car window to allow it to extract the hot air from inside to help [...]

SP300 – Super Slim Solar-Powered Bluetooth Car Kit

The . The sleek and slim speakerphone is supplied with attachments to allow you to mount it onto your windscreen, sun visor or even seat-belt. The windscreen mount allows you to charge the Bluetooth kit through solar energy due to [...]

Elecscoot Electric Urban Scooters

is a company who produce a range of eco-friendly scooters. The scooters are powered by electricity rather than petrol or diesel and are perfect for short journeys such as a trip to the shops. The Elecscoot scooters offer a comfortable [...]