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Cellular and Mobile Phones

Recycle Yours Old One If You are Upgrading To New iPhone

Where technology gadgets have bought the revolution in word of communication and latest information system, IPhone culture is getting more and more popular. Transferring from iPhone to iPhone 2, iPhone 2 to iPhone 3G, 3G to 4S and now transferring [...]

CORA Struggle For IPhone Users To Turn Trash Into Treasure

A nice idea brought to the forefront when we heard about CORA company new launchings. Recently CORA is working to launch a smart phone application for iPhone users first to connect all the community recyclers. This application will be soon [...]

Samsung Replenish eco-friendly smartphone

The new Samsung Replenish Android 2.2 smartphone is one of the only eco-friendly cell phones available on the market today. Offered for sale by Sprint, it is manufactured from more than 30% recycled materials and more than 80% of it [...]

Orange Power willies – use your feet to get mobile phone charge at Glastonbury

Not content with developing an augmented reality iPhone app for Glastonbury, Orange has also been developing a rather low tech prototype – a mobile phone charging device for your Glasto willies. At first I thought this was an April Fool. [...]

SmartTalk Solar review

Griffin technology has got amazing step by introducing a smart talk solar which is completely handfree, so there will be no burden on users for handling their phone, while they are driving. So it is in the favor of our [...]

Eco-friendly Nokia 700 makes a bid for world smallest smartphone title

With growing cutthroat competition and use of advanced technology, cellphone companies are launching handsets which not only look weird to old people but also fulfilling the demands of young generation and following the green environment rules. We have seen the [...]