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Cellular and Mobile Phones

Hands on With Samsung’s New Galaxy S III- Vanilla design and Innovative features

New Orleans, the next iPhone fighter from Samsung, Galaxy S III has finally being landed in the United States markets. The phone is currently under display in CTIA wireless show but still final decision is waiting about its start of [...]

Samsung’s Blue Earth solar phone is ultra-green

New Samsung’s Blue Earth is not just a bunch of solar panels; this phone is made of recycled plastic along with featuring a pedometer and embedded software to tell about your efforts for saving this planet.  In a fast race [...]

The Sonos Play 3 speaker review

The Sonos has currently launchedits streaming audio speaker, which easily be controlled with Android Smartphone, iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone devices. This Sonos play 3 speakers are offering best sound with elegant and compact design and also it will stream [...]

Eco Phones

  In a world full of things that could harm the environment you may think that your phone would be the last thing that would harm the environment. Actually a cordless or cellphone can harm the environment. Phones are often [...]

iBamboo iPhone Speaker

The iBamboo iPhone Speaker is a natural and elegant way to amplify the sound of your iPhone. Made from sustainable bamboo the speaker requires no electricity and is light and robust allowing you to take it with you, perfect for [...]

SpinPOWER I4 – iPhone 4 Bicycle Charger Kit

The for the iPhone 4 allowing you to power your phone from an eco-friendly power source. The charger makes use of the kinetic energy of the bike moving, its wheels turning, by converting it into electricity that it can then [...]