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Cellular and Mobile Phones

Mooncharge – Solar Charger iPhone 4 Battery Case

The is a great device for protecting your iPhone 4 while providing you with an eco-friendly back up power supply. The case has an inbuilt solar panel that charges its internal battery, this power can then be used by your [...]

Rugged Solar Powered Mobile Phone

This provides you with all the basic abilities of a mobile phone coupled with the ability to be able to charge from sunlight at any time. The phone has been designed to work even in harsh conditions, to ensure that [...]

Eton Scorpion – Wind Up and Solar-Powered LED Torch and Radio

The is a multifunctional device best suited to those who like outdoors activities. The Scorpion combines an AM/FM radio and LED torch with a USB charger for your portable electronics within its robust splash proof exterior and even includes a [...]

iFan – Wind Powered Charger Case for iPhones Concept

The iFan is a concept design for a case for an iPhone that uses a wind turbine to provide charge for your device. The iFan allows you to continually top up the charge of your iPhone while you are out [...]

Nedrelow Sleeve – Woolen Sleeve For iPads And MacBooks

The Sleeve by Nedrelow . With designs for iPads and MacBooks, the Sleeve allows you to cover your electronics in style, with no unnecessary logos or significant extra weight. The Sleeve has been designed with function as its main purpose. [...]

Colourful iPhone 4G Silicone Cases with Solar Panel

These iPhone 4G Silicone Cases are very brightly coloured iPhone cases which also feature a solar panel charger on the back of the case. The case clips on to the iPhone and the internal 1500mAh battery charges up when charges [...]