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Cellular and Mobile Phones

Eco Charger with Apple Compatible Adapter for Cell Phone By Volt-Star

The allows you to charge your cell phone without any worries about unplugging the charger once the battery is fully charged. This charger  not only prevents the phone from being able to draw any additional charge but also helps to [...]

All-in-One High Power Solar Charger Toolkit

When I’ve reviewed solar-powered chargers before, the chargers usually support most, but not all portable gadgets. The All-in-One High Power Solar Charger Toolkit is the first portable solar-powered charger that I’ve seen that appears to charge all portable gadgets, thanks [...]

USB And AA Battery Solar Charger By PowerFilm

The is a portable solar charger that allows you to charge both AA rechargeable batteries and a range of portable electronic devices. Due to its ability to fold up when transported, the solar charger can be taken with you wherever [...]

Energy Saving Mobile Phone Charger

The has been designed to provide a safe and simple way to charge a mobile while preventing any power drain once the device has been fully charged. The Green Mobile Phone Charger plugs into a standard UK 3-pin plug socket [...]

Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone – Sony Ericsson Elm

I’ve had the good fortune to review a new eco-friendly mobile phone by Sony Ericsson. The Sony Ericsson Elm looks like just any other full-featured mobile phone, but has a whole raft of eco-friendly features. Features include use of recycled [...]

Emergency Solar Charger for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

As the name suggests, the Emergency Solar Charger for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch is a compact little solar-powered battery and charger, which can be used to charge up your iPod Touch or iPhone in an emergency. The charger [...]