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Cellular and Mobile Phones

SP300 – Super Slim Solar-Powered Bluetooth Car Kit

The . The sleek and slim speakerphone is supplied with attachments to allow you to mount it onto your windscreen, sun visor or even seat-belt. The windscreen mount allows you to charge the Bluetooth kit through solar energy due to [...]

The IllumiCharger – Light-Powered USB Wall Outlet Concept

The IllumiCharger is a concept that aims to allow everyone the freedom of charging their portable electronic devices from home from eco-friendly electricity. The charger is meant to charge through the day from the ambient light in a room. This [...]

iSol Plus – Portable Solar Charger

The iSol Plus is a solar powered charger designed to allow you to charge your portable electronic products from environmentally friendly electricity. The charger’s size allows you to take the device anywhere with you, the solar panel ensures you can [...]

Juicebar Pocket Solar-Powered iPhone and iPod Charger

The allows you to provide an environmentally friendly boost of electricity to your iPhone or iPod. This small solar charger can produce a significant boost to these products quickly, its size making it convenient to be taken wherever you go [...]

Bicycle Charger Kit By Nokia

The Bicycle Charger Kit is an easy to install kit that allows you to turn your pedaling power into an eco- friendly method of charging your mobile. This kit allows you to charge you phone while you are on the [...]

Devotec Solar Sound 2 – Solar-powered Bluetooth Speakers

Devotec Industries have been kind enough to send me their latest creation to review – namely the Devotec Solar Sound 2, which is a solar-powered speaker that plays music from your computer or phone via Bluetooth. The quality of sound [...]