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Clocks and Watches

Wind ‘N Go Time Minder Alarm Clock Radio

The is a great multipurpose device that has tools which it ideal for every day use and for use in emergency situations. The device uses a dynamo as a power source, you use the wind up/crank handle to provide the [...]

Clean Energy Water Clock

The is a beautiful digital clock that uses water as a power source. There is never a worry over batteries running out with the clock, there is only a need to  ensure there is enough water! It can even run [...]

Roberts Ecologic 6 – DAB Digital Clock Radio

The is a compact DAB/FM digital radio alarm clock. The radio combines the traditional element of the analogue clock face with the modern technology of DAB radio and features low energy consumption. The Roberts Ecologic 6 in black is a [...]

Water Powered Digital Alarm Clock

This allows you to keep track of time without needing to keep track of batteries. Powered by water, the alarm clock only requires additional water roughly ever month to keep it working. The Water Powered Digital Alarm Clock uses water [...]

Re-Purposed Beer Bottle Clocks

The are a different way of helping to reduce the amount of glass in landfill. Instead of being melted down to be recycled, (or thrown away!) the beer bottles for these clocks are partially melted to produce an iconic time [...]

AWS90D-2AV – Ana-Digi Solar Men’s Watch By Casio

This allows you to be able to see two times, or the time and the date, at the same time with its combined analogue and digital face. The watch charges its internal battery through solar panels that are built into [...]