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Clocks and Watches

Vandasye Solar Powered Backlit Clock

The Solar-Powered Clock by Vandasye was created as part of the Vienna Design Week Laboratory, where visitors could see all aspects of the process as a design was being realised. The clock has been designed for interior use, and therefore [...]

Pulsar Men’s Solar Powered Tech Gear Dive Watch

I’m sure many of you will agree, something frustrating about watches is that the battery needs changing every so often. Getting a watch battery usually costs a few quid, and is usually hassle too. Solar-powered watches are slowly becoming more [...]

Worldwide Atomic Solar-Powered Watch

There’s no question, watches are really useful. However, two things that I really I hate about watches is needing to replace expensive batteries periodically, and needing to ensure the date and time are correct every couple of months or so. [...]

Fly-catching Insect-Powered LED Clock

Well, there are mud powered clocks, water-powered clocks, solar-powered clocks, so its not much of a stretch to see a bug-eating insect-guts powered clock! Created by designers Jimmy Loizeau and James Auger, the gadget harvests bugs from a sticky conveyor [...]

Solar Powered Clock

The is a simple solar-powered clock gadget that runs entirely on solar power in order to work. The clock comes with two sets of hands so that you can either wall-mount the clock or have it free-standing. When the is [...]

Customisable Mud Powered Digital Clock

If you don’t have any batteries, but you have plenty of soil, then you’ll like this . Using nothing but damp soil and 2 different metals, the current that’s created is enough to power a digital clock. The clock is [...]