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Green Dog Collars

  When owning a dog the last thing that generally crosses are mind is making our dogs go green. Making a dog become greener would be a task in itself but there are ways that a pet owner can help [...]

Energy-Saving and Washing Dryer Cubes

These are a great way to help your clothes to dry faster and softer without the need for chemicals. Simply placing the cubes with your wet laundry into your tumble dryer allows them to help speed up the drying process [...]

Recycled Jacket Featuring ‘Tux’ The Linux Penguin

This is made from recycled materials. Featuring ‘Tux’ the linux penguin used as the logo for Linux it is bound to appeal to all open source eco enthusiasts. The Linux logo of ‘Tux’ the penguin is recognisable to all (or [...]

Infinit IV2.1 Solar Charger Backpack Review

Today I have the privilege of reviewing a stunning piece of eco-friendly gadgetry, namely the Infinit IV2.1 Solar Charger Backpack. The backpack features a large 2.4W solar panel, neatly integrated on the front of the bag. The solar panel is [...]

SunnyBag Leather Bags with 3 Watt Solar Panel

The Sunny Bags are the creations of Stefan Ponsold, who runs a company called SunnyBag based in Austria. The bags are a dark brown or black cowskin-leather, designed as a shoulder-bag for laptops and paperwork. The unique aspect of this [...]

Neuber Lightweight Solar Panel Bags

Konarka Industries have partnered with German retailer Neuber to create lightweight Energy Sun-Bags, which are fitted with a 1.4W solar panel that can charge most portable gadgets that need a charging power supply up to 5V at 600mA. The Sun-Bags [...]