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2C Solar-Powered Baseball Cap

I recently received a to review, and I must say that I was very impressed with it. You’d expect it to be a silly gadget without any real purpose… but actually, it works perfectly for map reading at night. If [...]

Black Hills Solar Charger BackPack

The Black Hills Solar Charger Rucksack is a spacious and lightweight 25 litre backpack that features a solar powered charger built into it. The Black Hills Solar Backpack uses sunlight to trickle-charge the internal Lithium battery. The charger can then [...]

Solar Ski Jacket – Eco-Friendly, Stylish and Pricey

Of all the places to have a solar panel, a jacket is not exactly my first choice. The solar ski jacket features a neoprene collar with solar panels stitched into them. The solar panels can then be used to charge [...]

Solar-Powered Neck-Tie

Researchers at the Iowa State University have invented a green gadget, a solar-powered necktie, in the process of inventing fabric that integrates photovoltaic thin film cells both physically and aesthetically into wearable clothing. In terms of aesthetics, it’s a hard [...]

Profolio Solar Bag – Charging On The Move

The Profolio Solar Bag is an example of a green gadget, one of many solar-enabled clothing products that are reaching the market. The solar attaché bag has room for a 17inch laptop and a variety of gadgets using its many [...]

Japanese Ingenuity – Brasserie Solar Panels

Sometimes inventors create strange devices in the name of the environment. The solar underwear is supposedly designed to show that you can generate electricity from virtually any clothing. The underwear generates electricity for a mini electric bulletin board to display [...]