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Computer Eco Gadgets

ViewSonic VX1932wm-LED 19-Inch WLED-Backlit Energy Efficient LCD Monitor

The . This is an energy efficient monitor that uses less electricity than other monitors of a similar size while providing excellent clarity in its display and sound. The monitor uses WLED (White Light Emitting Diodes) to produce its picture. [...]

Aleutia D1 Low Power PC

The D1 PC by Aleutia is a extremely small and energy efficient computer. The D1 compacts all the normal features of a PC into one tiny quiet case. The Aleutia D1 is under half the size of most other SFF [...]

RShut – Remote Computer Power Management

RShut is an advanced remote computer power management tool for Windows 95 through to Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server. The tool allows you to shutdown or wake up any computer over a local network or the internet. This means [...]

Eco Button PC Energy Saving Device

The is a retro-fit device that you plug into your PC’s USB port that makes it quick and easy to put your computer into an energy saving mode. The button is designed to suspend your computer when you disappear to [...]

Energy and Paper Saving HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer

The HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer is an affordable office computer that saves both energy and paper. The HP LaserJet P2055dn includes duplex printing (printing on both sides of printer paper) by default, which means it’s already configured to save you [...]

Energy Efficient Acer S243HL 24inch LCD Monitor

The is a super-slim 15mm thick monitor boasting full 1920 x 1080 high definition (HD) resolution, extremely high contrast ratio of up to 8,000,000:1, two HDMI interfaces and a nippy 2ms response time. Thanks to a special white LED design, [...]