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Articles in the ‘Eco-friendly gadgets’ Category

Logitech K750- Light Powered Wireless Keyboard

By Anny on April 25th, 2013

Logitech is a renowned name in computer consumables and its latest addition the Logitech K750 solar powered keyboard is a must have for every gadget enthusiast.  The K750 suits Windows based operating systems while its counterpart the K760 is designed for Macs, iPad and iPhones. Both the keyboards are solar powered and can also charge from a normal light in the room or even from the monitor lamination. The device is super sleek with  a thickness of just 1/3 inches and comes with a long range wireless connection of 2.4gHz.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

The PVC free construction is also made from fully recyclable materials and the design process leaves a minimal carbon footprint. One full charge allows you to use the keyboard for up to 3 months in total darkness . You can place it in the sun for optimum charge, else the indoor light including the monitor would be sufficient to charge it. Smooth, comfortable and fluid keystrokes make you effortlessly use the keyboard.

The built-in Unifying receiver also allows you to add a compatible mouse, keyboard etc-  by using the same tiny received plugged-in to the USB port. It’s quite a good choice if you are looking for a wireless keyboard as it eliminates the need for a battery charger and is powered by light.

The package comes with the keyboard, unifying receiver a, wireless extender and a handy cleaning cloth. You can buy it from leading retailers and can also purchase it from their website or from Amazon at the below link.

iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

By Anny on April 23rd, 2013

Bamboo accessories are fast becoming a fashion trend as the raw material can be easily sourced and used in multiple ways. One such electronic consumable application of bamboo is the Bamboo Bluetooth keyboard from iZen.  The use of bamboo does away with plastic panel which often end up in landfills or is incarcerated. Not only does this reduce the pollution associated with using plastics, but also reduces the carbon footprint for the product manufacturing cycle as the basic raw material is naturally available.

iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

The device is a wireless keyboard and uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the computer. It can be used for normal computers, Apple iPad’s, iPhones and Android tablets with Bluetooth protocol. It entirely built with bamboo which includes the case and keys and is both attractive as well as Eco-friendly. The device has a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charges with a USB 2.0 cable  which is included in the package. It works well with Mac as well as Windows powered computers and comes in Mac styled keyboard layout along with multimedia keys. The product just weighs 1.1lbs and can be purchased online  from It costs $9.

Do also check out their other utility product ranges made from Bamboo which include a sleek iPhone case, an Ipad Sleeve, a desktop Bamboo keyboard with mouse and many more. Using Bamboo is an Eco-friendly alternative to plastic and also looks unique and stylish too.

iZen Bamboo is a Colorado based company which uses Bamboo in all its featured product and contributes 1% of its profits to environmental organizations worldwide.  Bamboo grows much faster than regular trees and does not require any special soil, fertilizers or pesticides and can be used for diverse applications.

What makes the Gadgets Green??

By Anny on January 15th, 2013

Promoting the eco-friendly environment campaign and awareness the fellow human beings about environment protection is really important for marketing consumers’ electronics today by manufacturers. An eco-friendly or green gadget holds the position which is superior to its related gadget and more appealing to buyers as eco-friendly. Those companies which follow the green gadgets standards and policies are more preferable for customers nowadays.

The real eco-friendly standard of gadgets is still a question and this is fact that we believe on only news and not completely assure it ourselves. The humans of today cannot live without new era technology and that’s the reason we thought of listing few things which are important about making gadgets green. We make sure that our lovely electronic gadgets may not effect the environment. Here are few important facts about green gadgets and how we measure the green standards of our existing gadgets;


1.    Green gadgets require least energy for processing and their long time use:

How we measure the green gadgets is based on energy they consume. While sitting in a office room or home where your computer has been running since last two days, there would be much suffocation and hard to sit once you have come from outside. This is a common measuring standard for gadgets that are recognized on a selling store with their eco-friendly standards seal.  The consumption of energy is always associated in some ways with fossils fuel use and it is the main source of energy today. If we use less energy, it means we will lesser consume the fossil fuels. For an electronic gadget to be included in eco-friendly gadgets category, its performance should be greater when compared to other gadgets which use an average amount of energy for their daily use.

Let take an example of modern tablet computer device. If you install your office working software like MS word, acrobat reader or any other require suite, it will give you more productivity as compared to a desktop PC and its energy consumption is 3 or 5 times less than that of desktop PC.

2.       Material Used in Green gadgets is 100 percent recycled and biodegradable.

A major issue with electronic items is that, much like any other industrially synthesized items like plastic, they are not naturally biodegradable and process through recycling. Recycling is an effective process available today to recycle the plastic and other gadgets materials which effect the landfills and dangerous for living beings. These materials simply pile up as e-waste. For gadgets to be true eco-friendly, they must be manufactured through recycled and reusable materials. Each component must be designed to be conveniently broken down into simpler pieces, or at least be made of something that is already largely recycled today.

Although recycling and use of reusable product items look easier one, it is much difficult and hard to implement through economics point of view. To some extent it is because of the better commercial viability of other materials, although it could also be partly because gadgets users do not usually take a direct or active part to make sure that their gadgets were completely recycled or how effective is the waste management.

3.      The design approach for gadgets effect the manufacturing and their recycling

Design and manufacturing of gadgets have great impact in recycling and reusing of such items again. This issue simply goes by a fact based concept that the lesser material used for manufacturing of gadget, the lesser harmful it would be, making it simpler to reuse and connect the material again. For this concept, a simple reduction in weight has great value and only a milligrams material reduction in manufacturing of that item means 30-40 percent adjustment in its design and final results.

Let’s continue our previous example of latest tablet computers, because they are getting more popular and have great productivity. These computers are more portable and lighter and save our time, space and increase the completion of our major functions. It will take only few seconds to search a book online through tablet PC as compared to desktop PC or searching that book in a library. It is saving the amount of paper which would consume for designing of that book and friendly to the environment.


4.        Biodegradation and landfills issue

This point is more important their own previous two discussion arguments for selection and categorization of technology gadgets. We need to make sure that its material will not leak the landfills or biodegradable and once it has been recycled, it should not cause any harm.  Eco-friendly gadgets should be synthesizable by organisms and there should be no danger associated when its components have been digested or taken by living beings.

Although still there are no such gadgets available commercially which should fulfill these requirements, there have been an increasing trend form manufacturing companies and research projects which have projected to bring 100 percent eco-friendly gadgets. The discarded circuits pilling up in large trash zones and dumpsites problem can be solved through biodegradable circuits.

Apart from this discussion about green gadgets, there is a specific reason for not electronics gadgets being 100 percent green, beside the fact that there are electronics made. It is because our current electronics industry has back roots from current energy infrastructure which is not eco-friendly and renewable energy. There are many raw material items which are required during electronics gadgets manufacturing, and at the same time they are hazardous and equal to death for all the living beings.

The process of proper recycling can solve most of our problems but it’s currently only 4 to 6 percent. Proper recycling of electronic gadgets when you are up with them or they have been damaged and unable to use will be helping to mitigate the negative effects of electronic materials on this environment and our planet. The speeding up process of recycling means every individual needs to make his or her efforts till a complete trend of green gadgets prevails. Once things have been set on a proper route, we are sure to be using only eco-friendly gadgets one day. -Your one Stop Eshop for Eco-Friendly Goods

By Anny on December 13th, 2012 today launched which is an exclusive store for Eco-friendly products. You can now shop from thousands of Eco-friendly brands across a wide range of categories in the comfort of your home. All items are backed by’s 365-day return guarantee policy. Your one stop eshop for eco-friendly goods


All of their products are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that they are either from natural organic sources, or are non-polluting, or have been through an Eco-friendly manufacturing process. This ensures that you shop with a sense of pride for having contributed in safeguarding the environment.

You can search products by name, brand, category, certifications and also by criteria such as organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, fair trade or energy efficient. A dedicated team of phone and email customer support staff would be available 24/7 to help you with your issues. You can also check the exclusive “Vine Picks” which are individually certified by their team. You also have an option to search for local retailers within a geographic range. By this you can promote local businesses and also reduce the environmental impact that shipping would have.

They have a huge selection of products which included apparel and accessories, sports and leisure goods and also gifting ranges. You can also shop for fair trade, made in USA and cruelty free listings. They also have an exclusive section for pets as well as for health and wellness.

The site offers gift certificates from $25 to $1500 which can be redeemed on merchandize through and their family of sites . Your referrals would get a flat 15% discount on their first purchase. The site offers free shipping for orders above $49 or $39 for combined purchases from their other sites. Shipping is fast, and you would get the product within 2 business days.

Eco-Friendly Hand Dryer From Mitsubishi GWP Analysis

By Anny on November 23rd, 2012

When we talk about eco-friendly aspects of everything around us, we need to have measurement criteria to judge and decide those actions which are harmful in regards to our environment. Recently in a debate where paper towels of hand dryers were examined as better solution for our environment, a peer reviewed study of hand drying system told that high speed dryers have small impact as compared to any other available dryer.


Eco-friendly hand dryer from Mitsubishi GWP analysis


This study has shown that hand dryers impact on our greenish environment is least and their GWP is also low as compared to other hand drying system. However impact of any item on environment is based on its “use”. Others factors playing minimum role in increasing or decreasing the GWP between 5 to 13 percent.

Although other factors have minimum impact on the system, as long as dry time is similar from a dryer, the impact of such dryers will remain constant based on lower electricity usage and this is least we know.  In 1993 when Mitsubishi introduced the Jet towel, the hand dryers’ benchmark was only 12 seconds then. In this study here we getting reference from, two types of dryers were used for analysis purpose and measured on the based on manufacturing company claimed dry time vs. final testing by Dyson Limited. But Mitsubishi towel as tested By Dyson required only 3.5 watts to dry the hand pair and took 12 seconds and had 20 percent more efficiency over any other dryer.


Eco-friendly hand dryer from Mitsubishi GWP analysis

In order to bring other hand dryers to this level, Global warming potential was set to carbon grams produced and contribution of electrical usage to global warming potential, on the basis on drying time as per Dyson Ltd measured.  Although in this study Mitsubishi Jet dryer was not used, here we have added this for our reference;

  • 100 percent recycled paper towels- 14.7
  • Dyson Aluminum Airblade- 4.44
  • Excel Xierator 7.84
  • Mitsubishi Jet dryer- 2.95
  • Dyson ABS plastic dryer- 4.19
  • Cotton Roll towels- 10.2
  • Virgin Paper towel- 14.6
  • Standard dryer- 17.2


When other factors like transportation, packing, production and non-electrical contributions were added in, still Mitsubishi Jet towel had lowest GWP as compared to other dryers. When GWP of other factors was set at 4 to 13 percent and added to these above numbers, it represented as 96 percent or 88 percent of total GWP while Mitsubishi Jet towel value was 96 percent of electricity value.

When GWP was set at fixed level of 13 percent, still Jet towel had lowest level of GWP for its system as found in this study. Although now many other efficient hand dryers are available in the market, still they were compared with Jet towel; its performance was much more than other else. In seven of eight comparisons, Mitsubishi had least GWP value.

This is the reason why Mitsubishi continued to be environmental leader and invented the Jet Towel, told the CEO of Pacarc, James Allard. Mitsubishi has improved both the time and design of jet towel since its first design launching in 1993.



Recycled Pulp Fashioned into Doughnut shaped Pulp MP3 speakers

By Anny on August 12th, 2012

Pulp MP3 speakers

Sharing the music and videos with friends is really amazing, but better it would be if the gadgets would charge from renewable energy like solar powered electric energy or keep the Go Green rules followed. At the moment, the market is offering us eco-friendly speakers which are more like acoustic docks which boost the audio source and they can be charged with renewable energy sources. Their experience is not satisfactory however, and to deal with this problem, Chin Yang and Balance Wu have developed Pulpop MP3 speaker that has been made from recycled material and will work on vibration speaker technology for audio amplifying through the surface that supporting it and a hollow space which is beneath the doughnut design. (more…)

Body heat powered Computers a step closer

By Anny on August 10th, 2012

Body heat powered Computers

Heat is the greatest enemy of modern electronics and leads to spawn errors and fry the all components of gadgets. But latest technology have turned heat to be utilized for our advantages by creating such eco-friendly devices that will run and charge on heat evolved from our bodies and external atmosphere. It resulted in advanced thermal computers that run off of body heat or other form of heat energy which will be present around us. (more…)

Lawn Buddy- Solar powered Automatic lawn mower

By Anny on August 6th, 2012


lawn mower

Recently a project was completed in San Jose State university about solar powered lawn mowers, users’ ability to cut the lawn grass with minimal efforts required. Unlike other robotic lawn mowers on the market, this design requires no perimeter wires to maintain the robot within the lawn. Lawn mower is one of the basic essential products which are required at home to arrange the lawn with grass level required. (more…)

Fernando Laposse Designs Lufa Serious out of edible fruits

By Anny on August 2nd, 2012

Fernando Laposse Designs

Catching a sight of ingenious manufacturers’ wits being wet and hustling with churning out of innovative gadgets is not something to surprise you being living in this era of science and technology. This is looking really interesting when first time getting out of manufacturing unit and when its launching images are turned to objects in reviews. There are more and more gadgets launched every week and more focus is about eco-friendly gadgets, which should save the energy the current energy consumption and preserve our natural environment. (more…)

A Space Saver, Belkin’s Energy Saving USB Charger Conserves Energy

By Dev on July 14th, 2012

A Space Saver, Belkin’s Energy Saving USB Charger Conserves Energy

We are living in fast technology world, where new computers, smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the world of information and technology.  Connecting the USB cables for data transfer has been widen to now charging of devices and traditional chargers have been replaces with advanced, sophisticated and easy to use technologic gadgets. We are looking continuously for such charging devices which should fulfill our increasing energy demand for charging of our gadgets.