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Eco-friendly gadgets

Lawn Buddy- Solar powered Automatic lawn mower

Introduction Recently a project was completed in San Jose State university about solar powered lawn mowers, users’ ability to cut the lawn grass with minimal efforts required. Unlike other robotic lawn mowers on the market, this design requires no perimeter [...]

Fernando Laposse Designs Lufa Serious out of edible fruits

Catching a sight of ingenious manufacturers’ wits being wet and hustling with churning out of innovative gadgets is not something to surprise you being living in this era of science and technology. This is looking really interesting when first time [...]

A Space Saver, Belkin’s Energy Saving USB Charger Conserves Energy

We are living in fast technology world, where new computers, smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the world of information and technology.  Connecting the USB cables for data transfer has been widen to now charging of devices and traditional chargers have [...]

Five Eco-friendly gadgets to save the earth

Are you more conscious about environment and want to save more energy and stop the emission of hazardous gases? If yes; here are the top five eco-friendly gadgets to save more with entertainment you can achieve with them.         1.      [...]

Eco-friendly CloudBook Green design and features

Starting at a mere $399, the Everex CloudBook marks the latest entry to the expanding world of UMPC-type subnotebooks at affordable prices. With a 7-inch display, 1.2GHz processor, and 30GB hard drive, the CloudBook certainly doesn’t make a very good [...]

Handstand rotating iPad 2 Case made from recycled plastics

Apple iPad 2 has tae the marketplace as storm and got worldwide popularity. Embedded with latest tools and technologies and use of iPad, its new version, iPad 2 has experienced the highest sales volume. But it has become essential for [...]