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Eco-friendly gadgets

Driven by Solar launches new rechargeable Ultrapower lawn mower

Currently, the solar energy is only addition along with nuclear energy to fulfill the increasing energy demands and go green.  Solar energy and wind powered energy resources cannot be depended due to lack of sunlight availability in northern areas of [...]

Samsung Replenish eco-friendly smartphone

The new Samsung Replenish Android 2.2 smartphone is one of the only eco-friendly cell phones available on the market today. Offered for sale by Sprint, it is manufactured from more than 30% recycled materials and more than 80% of it [...]

Robotic Lawn mower- An autonomous robot to cut law grass

A robotic lawn mower is an autonomous robot which has been designed to cut down the garden grass with defined area of its working. A robotic lawn mower is much advanced machine as compared to traditional lawn mower used. Robotic [...]

Logitech Sets its sights on Night vision with New Indoor Add-on Camera and Master Security system

The easy to install smart camera with Wide-angle Night vision provides everything to protect everything which you feel important for you. Logitech- the top technology gadgets manufacturing company has expanded its Logitech Alert TMlineup by introducing its new 750n indoor [...]

The 360 Paper Bottle

The 360 paper bottle from Brand image is a successful attempt to address and bring the attention about 60 million bottles which are wasted every day. This paper vessel is made from 100 renewable foods safe resources, recycled fully and [...]

Introducing the new Eco-friendly cool blinders

We are excited to introduce the new generation of Knog blinders. New eco-friendly blinders from Knog are waterproof, chargeable with USB and look top shelf to be used for any bike. Knog blinders have been developed after seven years of [...]