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Eco-friendly gadgets

Solar Shaver Eco product review

We all like the idea of solar charging. Solar energy is renewable and free source of generating as much energy as we desire because there are not restrictions to production of this energy form. We have found many of such [...]

How to go green with Eco Recycle bins

One of the major causes for increasing pollution is wastes and scraps materials which are not properly recycled. It has been found that more than 40 percent of the pollution in Asian countries has been dedicated to no recycling system, [...]

Review about eco-friendly torches and Lanterns

Over the last two decades, technology advancement has in the favor of human beings because corporate social responsibilities are forcing all the business organizations to contribute to development and improvement of environmental beauty which has been destroyed by pollution emitting [...]

Eco-friendly Nokia 700 makes a bid for world smallest smartphone title

With growing cutthroat competition and use of advanced technology, cellphone companies are launching handsets which not only look weird to old people but also fulfilling the demands of young generation and following the green environment rules. We have seen the [...]

How Eco green bags benefit the environment

Eco green bags have several benefits on our environment. One of the basic advantages which we can get from use of green bags is reduction in wastes produced. Plastic bags are disposable bags and take enormous amount of space to [...]

Can You Use A Green Energy Source Like Water To Power A Car?

For more than a century ago when cars were first launched for public use, we relied completely on oil to power them for daily use, but were this not clears that world’s oil resources will diminish one day and we [...]