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Articles in the ‘Eco-friendly pet Products’ Category

Only Natural Pet store-Organic and Holistic products for your pets

By Anny on May 21st, 2013

Only Natural Pet store was established in 2004 in Colorado and is an online store dedicated to natural pet product, organic foods and holistic remedies for pets.  It offers natural supplements and flea control products, as well as a whole range of pet accessories designedto be safe for your pet as well as the environment without any cosmetic ingredientsand additives. Pet accessories are made from eco-friendly products and green manufactures.  They use carbonneutral shipping and have a 100% wind powered manufacturing faculty using recycled paper for packaging.

Only Natural Pet store-Organic and Holistic products for your pets

A dedicated support team which can be contactedboth by email and phone allows you in selecting the right kind of a product for your specific need.  The site also has a large collection of articles in their Holistic Healthcare library section. You can also ask a question totheir online veterinary board of advisors.

Their main range of products include flea and tick products, food and nutritional supplements, treats and chews as well as holistic health care products. You can also shop by a heath category and can choose from aromatherapy oils, flower essences, herbal remedies for various medical conditions for cats and dogs.

The site offers free shipping on orders above $69 on a select range of product purchased from their website. You can also choose the product to be automatically delivered to your address at a choice of intervals. This enables you to make a one-time selection on periodic purchases such as food and grooming products, and they would be delivered as per the frequency you select. Not only does this save time, but you also qualify for a special discount on their products.

For more information on this exciting range of organic and holistic pet products and nutritional supplements, please access their website at

West Paw Design- Eco-Friendly Toys, Furnishings and Apparel for pets

By Anny on May 19th, 2013

West Paw designs has an awesome range of pet toys, apparel and furnishings in a eco-friendly range of products which have been certified by Oko-Tex Standard 100 after being tested for harmful ingredients. They are safe for your pets as well as for the environment. The furnishings and apparel range are made mainly with Inteliloft® which is made from recycled plastic and other sustainable materials in eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

West Paw Design- Eco-Friendly Toys, Furnishings  and Apparel for pets

Their amazing range of very strong pet toys is made with Zogoflex- a 100% recyclable material that is very durable. They credit their range to last for a lifetime and if doesn’t-a free one-time replacement is offered. West paw designs also uses organic and reclaimed cotton, along with US grown catnip for their cat products. Do also check out a latest range of dog beds made from hemp.

You can buy different varieties of toys for your dog’s such as chews, unstuffed toys as well as a rugged range of toys for the tougher ones. Also available are a range of beds, mats, sweaters as well as seasonal dog toys. Cat lovers can choose from interactive and catnip toys and many more. There are also cat beds and mats as well as seasonal gifts. The site also has a collection of blankets, Tees and tote bags for pet owners.

You can view all of their collection and can also purchase online from their website. The site also enables you to search for a retailer in USA and Canada. They are based in Montana.


Eco-Friendly Pet Products from Olive Green Dog

By Anny on May 17th, 2013

Pets need a whole lot of personal care products like soaps and shampoos to make them stay clean and healthy. But unlike we humans who can understand the toxic effects of a substance and choose a better alternative, pets do not have the choice. Hence, it’s of utmost importance that we choose safe and sustainable products for pets which would not harm them in the long run.

Common chemical ingredients which are often found in personal care products are also used in products for pets, albeit in a higher dilutions.  These includes artificial detergents, perfumes, propylene glycol, laurylsulphates  and many more which do come with associatedhealth concerns.  Let’s take a look at a safe and eco-friendly range of pet products from

Eco-Friendly Pet Products from Olive Green Dog

The site has collection of Shampoos, conditioners and gels and lotions for cleaning Ears, paws, eyes and nose of your dog. All of them are made from certified organic products in an eco-friendly process and contain well-known and tested natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, Avacado, Oatmeal, neem and many more. These ingredients ensure that your pet receives a healthy and organic care without any cosmetic chemicals and toxic ingredients.  Their manufacturing practice also eliminates any chance of wastage and inherent pollution and is packed using low impact packaging using recycled boxes and biodegradable packing peanuts. This ensures that your product is safe for the environment as well as for your furry companion.

Eco-Friendly Pet Products from Olive Green Dog


While browsing the site we also came across a whole range of pet accessories ranging from toys, blankets, treats and chews, clothing, collars and many more common pet items that you would periodically need for your pet dog. They also have a special section on dog foods featuring some of the topmost brands.  The site also has a section especially for cats. This is one store where you can buy all your pet supplies with a complete assurance on the organic quality of its products. The online site is active since 2008 and is operates from Texas.  It’s a member of Organic trade association and green America.