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Eco-friendly Updates

Eco-Concepts USA- Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Eco Concepts USA is a green sea certified company that manufactures Eco-friendly cleaning solutions for a broad range of verticals ranging from domestic, industrial and marine cleaning requirements.  It’s also certified by The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment [...]

Clean Attitude-The eStore for Eco-Friendly Baby, Body Care and Household products from Bio Spectra

“Bio Spectra” is a Canadian company devoted to producing Eco-friendly personal care products for domestic use. All their products are made from 100% natural ingredients for a safer and healthier planet. The range has been certified with by the “Eco [...]

AirDye – An Revolution in Fabric Dyeing

We all line in a colorful and vibrant world, with our clothing and interiors designed in a myriad of colors. The fact that almost all of the fabrics need to be dyed with the appropriate colors is something we all [...]

European Supermarkets Decides to Stop Use of Global Warming Chemicals

European supermarkets have taken effective steps for lowering down the carbon emission and eco-friendly refrigeration. UK market is the world largest retail market and also directly effecting the environment through hazardous chemicals for cooling and heating systems. A cost-effective approach to lower [...]

Artificial Christmas free is an Eco-friendly choice?

After the Black Friday and thanksgiving, now our focus is towards environmentally friendly Christmas gatherings. Green trees are the best source of prime decoration at Christmas, but how about buying a new one every year? How about artificial Christmas trees [...]