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Eco gadgets

Suaoki Solar Laptop Charger Review

Suaoki Solar Laptop Charger Review thumbnail

Suaoki has launched a 40watt solar laptop charger that gives solutions for all your travel problems like dead phone, dead car battery or no charging points while on a road trip, business trip or just a holiday. This versatile portable [...]

Anker 21W Solar Charger Review

Anker 21W Solar Charger Review thumbnail

Our dependency on the smartphones is increasing day by day. Peoples are likely to spend more and more time on their mobile screens than ever before. But what if you are away from your home and office, and your phone [...]

Eco-friendly mobile gadgets

Eco-friendly mobile gadgets thumbnail

Are you looking to contribute your quota to saving the planet, or to cut down on your electricity bills? We’ve got you covered here with these affordable eco-friendly mobile gadgets.   SolarKindle Lighted Cover This gadget features a solar panel [...]

How Electric Radiators Are Changing Modern Home Heating

Night Storage Heaters have been a part of modern life for so long that they are generally just accepted as being the most efficient way to heat a home. This is largely due to the convenience they offer, which has [...]

Top 10 most useful Eco Gadgets available today

Are there any useful eco gadgets available today? A million dollar question! Eco gadgets as all of us are aware, are environment friendly and save us a lot in terms of energy bills and conservation. With the threat of global [...]

K3 Solar and Wind Charger

Here is a unique charger that can be powered both by solar power as well as by wind energy.  The gadget has a built-in solar panel which coverts solar energy into an electric charge which can be used to charge [...]