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Eco gadgets

Eco-friendly CloudBook Green design and features

Starting at a mere $399, the Everex CloudBook marks the latest entry to the expanding world of UMPC-type subnotebooks at affordable prices. With a 7-inch display, 1.2GHz processor, and 30GB hard drive, the CloudBook certainly doesn’t make a very good [...]

Driven by Solar launches new rechargeable Ultrapower lawn mower

Currently, the solar energy is only addition along with nuclear energy to fulfill the increasing energy demands and go green.  Solar energy and wind powered energy resources cannot be depended due to lack of sunlight availability in northern areas of [...]

Robotic Lawn mower- An autonomous robot to cut law grass

A robotic lawn mower is an autonomous robot which has been designed to cut down the garden grass with defined area of its working. A robotic lawn mower is much advanced machine as compared to traditional lawn mower used. Robotic [...]

DIY Solar Truck Idea from Wellies

This idea of DIY solar truck has been taken after theft of solar panels of many users and needed to take their solar panels and required to take the panels and batteries indoors at night. The solar truck is a [...]

Logitech Sets its sights on Night vision with New Indoor Add-on Camera and Master Security system

The easy to install smart camera with Wide-angle Night vision provides everything to protect everything which you feel important for you. Logitech- the top technology gadgets manufacturing company has expanded its Logitech Alert TMlineup by introducing its new 750n indoor [...]

Eco Star LCD 24L510

Review Users have experienced new technology with LCD television sets and desktop computers, which have high quality graphics and embedded with many new features. As compared to LED screen which were launched before and had low color schemes, LCD screen [...]