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Eco gadgets

Are Tablets Our First Step Towards Eco Friendly Electronic Paper?

To completely adopt the Go Green approach, we need to go paperless and save the cutting of trees because they are playing vital role to decrease the pollution from atmosphere. Recently the world has seen many changes due to technological [...]

Samsung’s Blue Earth solar phone is ultra-green

New Samsung’s Blue Earth is not just a bunch of solar panels; this phone is made of recycled plastic along with featuring a pedometer and embedded software to tell about your efforts for saving this planet.  In a fast race [...]

New Eco Kettle boasts three temperature settings

Eco kettle has currently launched the new Eco 3 kettle, in which temperature selector will enable you to heat water or tea at 70,80… 100 degrees bases on how much energy you want to save. As compared to traditional kettles [...]

Foldable bag holders for tables

A bag holder is protective hook to hang the bag safe and your precious gadgets inside it. No doubt recent era of latest technology and automated development methods have made the things happened. A bag holder is no doubt simple [...]

The Breath alcohol detector

Backtrack keychain alcohol detector is one of those amazing gadgets which are always nice to review. It is among the smallest breathalyzers ever being designed. It is a quickly and easily tests breath device for verifying the presence of alcohol [...]

Envirogadget Competition – win an Eco-Friendly iPhone Case!

We’ve got a competition for you on EnviroGadget, and it’s really easy to enter. We have 2 prizes available, therefore there will be 2 winners. Each winner will get 1 prize. When you enter, you can choose which prize you’d [...]