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Articles in the ‘Eco Green Homes’ Category

Eco-Friendly paints from Mythic Paints

By Anny on May 3rd, 2013

Paints do make our indoor spaces more vibrant, and also protect us against mildew and other sorts of organisms that inhabit our wall spaces. However, little do we know that that many chemicals present in paints, thinners, solvents are in fact harmful for our health. They are known to cause a lot of respiratory problems and some of them are carcinogenic as well. In our quest to find sustainable and safe alternates which can be used in our everyday life, let’s take a look some paint ranges that are safe for you as well as the environment. Common harmful chemicals in some paints are asbestos, lead, mercury, CFC’s, formaldehyde etc. There has been an increased focus in developing nontoxic varieties of paints which do not contain these chemical sand are deemed to be safe for you. There are a whole lot of such chemicals which are emitted from a painted surface-together classified as VOC’s. VOC’s emitted by high solvent containing paints have been linked to a variety of health effects including eye, nose and throat irritation; dizziness; liver, kidney and central nervous system damage and even cancer.

Mythic paints is one manufacture of non-toxic paints which comes in a myriad of colors which can suit every taste and decor. They are also certified to be safe from VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and have a broad range of paints, emulsions, primer, exterior and interior paints,

You can choose from flat, Egg-shell, semi-gloss sheens which are as good as any other paint ranges in the market.

The range was developed in association with University of Southern Mississippi.Southern Diversified Products owns Mythic paints and is headquartered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

These paints are durable, stainresistant and the surface they are applied can be easily cleansed.

You can buy their paintsonline from their site,and  can also check the availability of a retailer near your location. If you order from their site, they do not charge you any shipping charge within continental USA. Mythic paint products cover approximately 350-400 square foot per gallon. Using these paints in your interior is one way you can increase your chances of getting an LEED certification for your home.

Green Mortgage- An Upcoming Trend for Energy Efficiency

By Anny on March 24th, 2013

The concept of Green mortgage is recently becoming popular as more people are becoming eco-conscious and are looking to reduce their energy consumption. Greenmortgageeinvolves  modifying your home to make it more energy efficient. This could mean buying gadgets which work on alternative energy such as solar panels, using dimmable CFL lighting, LED panels, changing your windows by using cellular and low emission windows etc.  We are all aware of the fact that all the above mentioned gadgets do require an initial investment, and the returns start pouringingradually. The high cost of the initial investment is what deters a lot of us from making the first move, and we often tendto lose out on the recurring returns they offer. Green mortgage is one such facility which helps you with the initial cost of investment for such technologies

Green Mortgage- An upcoming trend for energy efficiency

You stand to gainin both ways as the modifications you decide to do for your house can be done in a modern way which is sure to impress your visitors and add to the value of your house. Also such energy saving modifications do give you regular returns by means of reduced power bills etc- which can be used to offset a part of the mortgage amount. Also investing in such eco-friendly practices also shows your solidarity with the environment as your act decreases the net carbon footprint, pollution and greenhouse emission which are direct and indirect consequences of your energy consumption.

This is a welcome move to start the trend of energy saving in our daily life. There are a whole lot of ways by which you can save energy consumption in your home and since you now can be assured of a funding for that. You would also need an energy  audit done on your home so that an estimation can be made as to how muchsavings in terms of spent energy would your modifications make. To know more, just get in touch with your bank to check on a suitable scheme.


SimBioUsa-Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware

By Anny on March 18th, 2013

Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware has an amazing range of disposable plates, boxes and garbage bags made from bagasse, sugarcane and wheatstraw fibers. Not only are they a perfect alternative to Styrofoam, plastic and paper plates  but are also bio-degradable and durable too. Their range of tableware is made from used sugarcane fiber called as bagasse which is left out after the juice is extracted from sugarcane. Wheatstraw is the plant material which is left after the chaff and wheat have been extracted. These material usually end in landfills or are disposed of by burning which causes air and soil pollution. Using them for creating sustainable tableware is an effective way to use all of our available natural resources in an optimum manner.  These little known materials are not only safe, bio-degradable but also strong and can be easily compressed and molded into plates. They are a perfect alternative to plastic, styrofoam and paper plates and come in a range of sizes and dimensions. You can find square, rectangular and circular plates within these dimensions

They also have a range of Clamshells which can be used as containers for your kitchen items and consumables

Do also check a pizza box made from recycled cardboard which is 100% recyclable and also a range of eco-friendly garbage bags. You can also find cutlery, kitchen utilities, straws etc.

The products are deemed to be safe as per FDA standards for food items as they do not have any harmful allergens-Gluten and Gliadins at 5ppm, whereas the current FDA standard is 20 ppm.

SimBioUsa-Eco-Friendly Disposable Tableware

Bagasse plates are available in 6`,7 `and 9 ` dimensions and are pure white in color and resemble normal Styrofoam plates. Wheatstraw plates are brown in color and come in the same dimension. Both can be used in your  microwave and freezer and are soak proof. They do not use an external  shiny wax coating which does away with any harmful chemicals that are sometimes used to add color and textures to paper, styrofoam plates and cups, and  can also handle hot liquids till 220°F.

After using them, you can dispose them in commercial compost facilities against normal home composting.

Eco-housing- The demand of the day

By Anny on June 17th, 2012


The building  and construction sector is a  major source of  environmental degradation. Its geographical spread, rapid growth rate and the long lives of the structures being built, leads to widespread impacts affecting several generations. This makes this sector  a  hot   spot requiring careful analysis and  begin intervention. The dynamics of  current socio-economic systems ensure that the sector will continue to grow at a rapid rate. The development pathways of most Asian countries are symptomatic of these trends. (more…)

Green Homes are energy efficient solutions

By Anny on June 2nd, 2012

Green Homes

Green homes have enough eco-friendly features to get platinum rating from LEED. LEED program is based on energy and environmental designing and to get LEED certification, your home must comply with the requirements given by LEED and its design should save water and energy sources, it should minimizing the carbon emissions and indoor quality of environment should be improved. The material used in construction of green homes should be environmental friendly and leave green effects. LEED’s platinum rating is most prestigious reward which you can win today. (more…)