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Eco home gadgets

Eco Star LCD 24L510

Review Users have experienced new technology with LCD television sets and desktop computers, which have high quality graphics and embedded with many new features. As compared to LED screen which were launched before and had low color schemes, LCD screen [...]

Review about eco-friendly torches and Lanterns

Over the last two decades, technology advancement has in the favor of human beings because corporate social responsibilities are forcing all the business organizations to contribute to development and improvement of environmental beauty which has been destroyed by pollution emitting [...]

How Eco green bags benefit the environment

Eco green bags have several benefits on our environment. One of the basic advantages which we can get from use of green bags is reduction in wastes produced. Plastic bags are disposable bags and take enormous amount of space to [...]

Introducing the Green Shopping Bags

Although the use of plastic bags has solved our most of shopping stuff to handle, there is great issue concerned with use of plastic shopping bags. However to stop the increasing pollution level and searching for some best energy and [...]

New Eco Kettle boasts three temperature settings

Eco kettle has currently launched the new Eco 3 kettle, in which temperature selector will enable you to heat water or tea at 70,80… 100 degrees bases on how much energy you want to save. As compared to traditional kettles [...]