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Eco Resources

E- Waste solution: New York focuses on old gadgets to make the city greener

Take a look around your office or home. How much space is being wasted with old, outdated electronics that you no longer use? Not only do those old computers, printers, monitors, phone systems, TVs, and other appliances take up a [...]

Underwater turbines to produce renewable energy

Wind and solar power energy resources can be used effectively with some major resources like nuclear energy or electricity produced form petroleum to fulfill the increasing energy demands of the world.  These can be used as alternative resources, because there [...]

HWKN designs for MINI’s creative use of Space

Due to constraints of space, people have become more conscious to utilize the land area with beautiful and distinctive designs. The designs which should cover the land and also exhibit the natural art and pleasing to the eyes of people [...]

EcoReef Antlers for Coral Reef Restoration

The coral reefs are suffering degradation from number of human and natural induced processes. Tackling the root causes of degradation through effective coastal management measures is likely to be best way forward for reducing damages and helping reefs to return [...]

Recycled Market Brings Life to Old Junk

It is really interesting when you find some alternative ways of use for old materials present in your home. Many creative minds have manufactured the famous products based on recycled materials which were looking of no use. Recycled Market allows [...]

How to take care of Eco-friendly Clothing

The activities of human beings directly affect the environment, either positive or negative. Although they are effecting more as negative, if individuals are concerned about eco-friendly environment, eco-friendly clothing is an attractive option. As compared to our general clothing fabrics, [...]