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Eco Resources

Green Moms Unite to talk about toxic chemicals

Everything from food we eat to human care, cleaning and daily use products as well as yards contain toxic chemicals. Involvement of toxic elements in all the items we use every day have become a major threat of the time [...]

Eco Friendly Bag holders and Ecommerce websites

Ecommerce websites have also to perform their role awareness and distribution of eco-friendly gadgets. Now with abundance of online selling store, both market and products segmentation strategies have been completely validated around the internet.  Whether you are looking for hair [...]

The 360 Paper Bottle

The 360 paper bottle from Brand image is a successful attempt to address and bring the attention about 60 million bottles which are wasted every day. This paper vessel is made from 100 renewable foods safe resources, recycled fully and [...]

Green Homes are energy efficient solutions

Green homes have enough eco-friendly features to get platinum rating from LEED. LEED program is based on energy and environmental designing and to get LEED certification, your home must comply with the requirements given by LEED and its design should [...]

Eco Tourism, Globalization and Sustainable Development

Tourism is among the fastest growing sectors of economy in the world and developing countries are trying to cash this opportunity to increase foreign investment and attract more foreign reserves. Ecotourism  or eco travel, a general term used with word [...]

Solar Panel, a Basic Need for Solar Energy

Content Now it is the era of Eco friendly energy, the basic idea lies in the fact that there should be renewable energy sources, which could provide us energy for a long time. At this stage, the solar panels are [...]