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How to Go Green with Recycling

Recently many reviews have taken this topic at their top after major consideration of western countries to Go Green and apply major steps to stop the pollution expanding twice the rate today than a decade before.  To Go Green, there [...]

How Eco green bags benefit the environment

Eco green bags have several benefits on our environment. One of the basic advantages which we can get from use of green bags is reduction in wastes produced. Plastic bags are disposable bags and take enormous amount of space to [...]

Green Tea Compound Can Kill Oral Cancer Cells & Helps in Weight Loss

Did you know that Green Tea is known to have extreme health benefits of which unwanted fat loss and prevention of oral cancer are primary? In this article, let us look at how having Green Tea goes about achieving this. [...]

What are The Green schools and their major benefits?

In green schools initiatives, four pillars framework is used which will reduce the schools’ ecological footprints and creating healthier school environment. Green schools create an approach which bring solution to the major community problems and encourage the Go Green approach. [...]

Rammed Earth Homes–Eco-friendly, Long-lasting, and Just Plain Cool

Why there is the need to build an eco-friendly house? Are there any difference between an ordinary house and eco-friendly house and how much it will cost more to develop an eco-friendly house from ordinary living house? These are some [...]

What is green roofing and major benefits of it?

Green roof or living roof refers to such building roofs which are completely or partially covered with greenery. Where the Go Green approach is getting more popularity in the world latest equipments have been invented to overcome the increasing pollution [...]