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Eco Toys

Solar Powered Race Car Toy

This is provided in kit form to help promote learning through play. By constructing the toy car and watching it race along in the light the kit helps to demonstrate the abilities of solar power while being an engaging fun [...]

Recycled Cardboard Toy Fort

This brings joy to children of all ages. Due to its construction from cardboard, the fort can be easily folded away when not in use, it also allows it to be decorated however a child wishes for use. The Recycled [...]

Solar Aircraft Construction Kit Eco Toy

This allows you to build either a airplane or a helicopter from the parts included. The kit aims to help promote learning through play, by piecing the aircraft together and watching the blade turn in light the kit helps to [...]

Solar-Powered Solar System and Planet Eco Toy

This has been designed to help teach children about the orbit of planets in our solar system. By using solar panel to produce the electricity to power the model, the kit can also help educate them on this eco-friendly and [...]

The Renewable Energy Racing Car Kit

The helps entertain and educate children about different forms of environmentally friendly energy. The three remote control cars each use a different energy source to power them, either wind, solar or hydrogen. The Renewable Energy Racers Set allows you to [...]

Solar Powered Perspex Helicopter Kit

The is a solar powered model made from perspex. The helicopter is supplied in kit form, allowing you to construct the helicopter yourself. The helicopters blades will spin when the solar panel is placed in an area with light. The [...]