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Eco Toys

Mini Solar Racer – World’s Smallest Solar Powered Car

The is a toy car which claims to be the world’s smallest solar powered car. The solar panel allows the car to move from eco-friendly solar energy when the car is placed either in sunlight or under a bright artificial [...]

T3 3-in-1 Solar-Powered Robot Kit

The is an educational (or desk) toy that consists of 70 pieces that can be arranged to make 3 different solar powered moving toys,  a ‘standard’ robot, a tank and a scorpion. The T3 Solar Robot Kit can be used [...]

Enviro Battery Educational Kit By Green Science

The contains all you need to create many different environmentally friendly batteries and other such eco-friendly items. The kit can help you turn many different household items into batteries allowing you to power items like a LED bulb or watch [...]

Solar Butterfly Kit – Educational Solar Toy

The is a craft set that allows you to paint and piece together a bright butterfly that will flap its wings in the sunlight. The Solar Butterfly Kit creates a bright, colourful butterfly to brighten up any window. The solar [...]

Generator Racing – Hand-Powered Car Racing Toy

The allows you to race two cars around a track without needing either battery or mains power. The cars draw power from the electricity you provide  from winding the handles on the hand generators. The Generator Racing game allows you [...]

Educational Solar Powered FM Radio Kit

The allows you to teach children about the eco-friendly energy source of solar power in a fun and engaging manner. The kit creates a fully functioning FM radio that has been designed to be bright and appealing to children. The [...]