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Planning the Eco-friendly tour

The dawning of commercial jet age in 1958 brought the tourism as biggest revolution and social and economic benefits of it were quantified. But in those days, it made journey less eco-friendly than in days of ships, piston engine aircrafts, [...]

The Vigilius Mountain Resort, A Cathedral of Relaxation

The word hotel not really fits the mountain Vigilius resort, because it can be said as out of ordinary place in any category of experience. It is like an inhabitable cloud which should be created with what you describe it.  [...]

Eco Tourism, Globalization and Sustainable Development

Tourism is among the fastest growing sectors of economy in the world and developing countries are trying to cash this opportunity to increase foreign investment and attract more foreign reserves. Ecotourism  or eco travel, a general term used with word [...]

History of Ecotourism

Ecotourism is defined as responsible travel to the areas of world where natural environment is conserving and efforts for the well-beings of local communities. Ecotourism involves the form of travel to low impact and small scale alternatives to standard tourism, [...]