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Energy Saving Gadgets

Eco Navigator – Satellite Navigation with Diagnostics & Eco Driving

The is a Satellite Navigation system that additionally offers diagnostics of the car and of its performance, helping you to visually see how changing your driving can improve your fuel use. The system can show you the most energy efficient [...]

Megaphone – Ceramic iPhone Loudspeaker

The Megaphone is an aesthetically pleasing way to boost the volume of your iPhone or iPod. The speaker has been designed to amplify the volume naturally using its smooth contours. Created from ceramic, it’s a great way to share your [...]

Orange-powered Billboard

This Orange-powered Billboard certainly makes a statement. Instead of drawing mains electricity to light up, the billboard uses a large quantity of oranges to produce its energy, powering the board in a more environmentally friendly way. The Orange-powered Billboard has [...]

Energy-Saving and Washing Dryer Cubes

These are a great way to help your clothes to dry faster and softer without the need for chemicals. Simply placing the cubes with your wet laundry into your tumble dryer allows them to help speed up the drying process [...]

Eco-pulse: Novel Electricity Monitor

The Eco-pulse is an novel way of keeping track of your electrical usage. The device acts in a similar way to a doctors stethoscope, visualizing the electromagnetic fields of a device into a pulse informing you of the power usage [...]

Byron Elro HL24 – Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Floodlight

The allows you to illuminate your outdoor areas brightly and effectively while using less energy than standard halogen bulb equivalents. The floodlight enables you to constantly light an area in a more energy efficient manner. The Byron Elro HL24 Energy [...]