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Environmentally Friendly Gadgets in the Workplace

Why not to support some craziness about gadgets which are contributing something good for our environment? But now one can find endless series of such eco-friendly gadgets which can do their function to save our extra consumption of energy and [...]

The 2012 gadgets for health conscious

The health gadgets are more valuable as compared to any other gadgets which are launching nowadays relating to electronics and other categories. More than 153,000 wrapped the Consumer electronics show in Las Vegas and 35 football fields which were covering [...]

The Breath alcohol detector

Backtrack keychain alcohol detector is one of those amazing gadgets which are always nice to review. It is among the smallest breathalyzers ever being designed. It is a quickly and easily tests breath device for verifying the presence of alcohol [...]

Eco-friendly Sony Bravia KDL- 40 VE5 HDTV review

Eco-friendly Sony Bravia KDL- 40 VE5 HDTV review Sony Bravia is the latest eco-friendly HD television which has great power saving features with best performance and adopting the Go Green environment rules. This new Sony Bravia KDL-40 is embedded with [...]

BioLite Camp Stove cooks food and charges your phone

The hikers and campers are looking for different ways to charge their gadgets and easy ways of cooking food when hundreds of miles away from their home. When sitting in a summer camp you might be thinking about winter stocking [...]

Eco Gadget Gallery for July 2011