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NGOs Committed To Rescue Abandoned Lots in Brooklyn

A non-profit group has committed to rescue the abandoned lots in Brooklyn, stated in New York Times. While its first anniversary was celebrated a month before, 596 acres of land was found in this countdown which was neglected lands lots [...]

GreenPeace Rolling Sunlight unit to Provide Power to Sandy Victims

The sandy has been ended with month of October but still there are many areas which remained a question to be solved. Many regions of United States which were affected with hurricane sandy remained devastated after weeks of the storms. [...]

This weekend with Fun and Eco Romance

There has been nothing so beautiful then in love; holding hands in the park or talking on the phone, romantic talk with butterflies in your stomach. Whether a love lasts for a year or lifetime, there has been nothing beautiful [...]

Green energy- Is this a Matter of Economy and Costs

Tell me about cost of energy? We know that renewable source before and you, I and that man in Clapham know a lot about expensive energy resources, depletion of resources and cheap energy alternatives, but why we need to change [...]

Going Green on Budget…!!!

It is an evident that conversion to green technology will require additional costs either its technology conversion or transfer of our current energy resources to more sophisticated and advanced renewable resources of power generation. Current electricity generation power plants are [...]

Population Explosion and Environmental Impacts Overpopulation

Population of our earth was 1 billion, taking all the history of human beings to achieve this mark. But after two centuries, the population of this planet reached to 6 billion, with half of this population being living in urban [...]