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Go Green

Google Huge Investment In Clean Green Energy

At Google, the investments in green energy mean to invest for innovations and large scale clean energy projects which should become the major project source in the future. To speed up the development and innovations, Google has put significant funding [...]

Use Of Wood For Home Décor Artwork

Use of wood for Home Décor artwork For wood workers, wood is one of the designable and versatile materials ever available for construction. Being renewable and relatively inexpensive, this has been used in furniture and home constructions from last thousand [...]

What is Green Transportation and why it is important

Green transportation  Green transportation or sustainable transport refers to any form of transport which is following the rules of Going Green. It also includes the non-motorized transport  like  green vehicles, CarSharing, transit oriented development, walking and urban transport system like [...]

Environmental Issues With No Boundaries

World has been gifted with tremendous amount of valuable resources for human kind. However, some of these resources are limited or subject to high change due to acts of human beings. Human beings have been gifted with free oxygen to [...]

The Green Schools effects

An exploration of the influence of Place, Space and environmental on teaching and learning the green school effects in Asia, Africa and Australian countries and guide about green school positive effects from example of Indonesian greens schools. Green School is [...]

Germany Sets New Solar Record by Meeting Nearly Half of Country’s Weekend Power Demand

Germany fed a whopping 22 gigawatts of solar power per hour into the national grid last weekend, setting a new record by meeting nearly half of the country’s weekend power demand. After the Fukushima disaster, Japan opted to shut down [...]