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Go Green

What green groups expecting from 2012 Farm Bill?

Similar to so many legislative policies currently passed by Washington, D.C, Green groups are mixed on decision of farm bill and towards its way to vote in senate floor. There are some of the conversation bright spotted in the bill, [...]

GreenSmart turn coke bottles into laptop bags

Plastic bottles are among the top disposable stuff which is contributing in increased pollution and it is important to give them a second life. From a company that is serious about saving the environment, comes a line of gear for [...]

New Zealand Church Made form Cardboard

Due to damage of Christchurch Cathedral from 6.3 magnitude earthquake, which struck the Canterbury region of New Zealand in February, efforts have been made to construct a church from cardboard. This new cardboard church structure has been made by Tokyo-based [...]

New Green Online games for the environment

Some of the online gaming developers have realized the impacts of green environment and brought forward such online and offline downloadable games which teach the gamers about keeping their environment green and elimination of pollutant tools. Go green games have [...]

Planting a home vegetable Garden

Planting a home vegetable Garden Planting a garden is not just to put the seeds and they will grow as young trees one day, it deals with many steps and proper care required every day from seeding to their full [...]

Green Cloud to ‘Clone’ its HQ at Data Center in Nashville

After the six months of its operations, Green Cloud Technologies has achieved the backup and now providing the telecom services along with Managed IT solutions. Currently where American companies are moving toward green data centers, Green technology is featuring this [...]