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Green Technology

Yellow Pages Goes Green: A Digital Solution to Going Green

When it comes to business and residential phone directory listings, who ever even looks or even thinks of a print phone book anymore? They’re obsolete, as well as harmful to the environment both during manufacture and after they’ve been discarded [...]

Bio Plastics

We all use plastics in our daily life in a vast number of ways such as in household appliances, wrappers, containers etc. One advantage of plastics is that it can be easily manufactured and molded into a variety of shapes [...]

GreenSmart turn coke bottles into laptop bags

Plastic bottles are among the top disposable stuff which is contributing in increased pollution and it is important to give them a second life. From a company that is serious about saving the environment, comes a line of gear for [...]

Green roofing specification and standards

Earlier this year, the city of Chicago, Illinois, and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities co- hosted the first green roof infrastructure conference and trade show in North America. (At least six green roofs already exist in Chicago, including one covering [...]

Green Cloud to ‘Clone’ its HQ at Data Center in Nashville

After the six months of its operations, Green Cloud Technologies has achieved the backup and now providing the telecom services along with Managed IT solutions. Currently where American companies are moving toward green data centers, Green technology is featuring this [...]